Welcome to my blog!

Hi and welcome to my blog!

This is where I’ll share my thoughts about beauty products, wellness, food, things that I love, travel, and whatever else I think my readers would enjoy.

This blog is different to other beauty blogs. You won’t find many pictures here because, due to my blindness, I can’t take photos. If I’m with my friends and photos are taken, I’ll upload them, but this blog is more about the text than the images. If I’m talking about products, I’ll try to link them so that you can see what I’m talking about.

Let me know what you think about the posts by leaving me a comment, and if you don’t want to miss a post, you can sign up for my alerts and I’ll email you when a new post comes out, usually on a Friday.

I hope you enjoy the blog!


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Author: englishwithkirsty

I have two blogs. Unseen Beauty is my personal blog. English with Kirsty is my business blog for people who are interested in languages or learning English.

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