October favourites – owls, pumpkins, and Charlotte Tilbury

Yes we’re getting into the Halloween spirit here. For two years running now, S has come home with a huge pumpkin and there’s going to be pumpkin soup – this time spicy pumpkin soup! I don’t know why I don’t think of doing it at other times of the year, but it seems to be an October thing.

Soup in general is more of a winter thing for me because I like to make my own. I think it’s healthier and tastier than many of the shop-bought ones, and if you make a big batch, lunch is sorted for a couple of days. It’s also a way to use up some of your vegetables!


I talked in my September favourites about my paddle brush, and I noticed that Tangle Teezer also did a travel brush. My hair is very long, and I usually wear it down, so I can get a bit windswept! I like this brush because it is compact and easy to stash in your handbag. It doesn’t have a handle, which means it takes up less space, and there is a protective cover to go over the bristles. Perfect for when you’re on the go and need to sort your hair out!

Owls, dogs and wolves

I have a couple of birthday presents to mention –yes it was last month, but I wanted to at least use them a bit first! Earlier this year, we went to visit Wolfwatch UK – you can read about it here. Wolfwatch UK has a range of wolf t-shirts on their site, and I got one for my birthday. You can see the whole range on the Wolfwatch site. . This is a really good organisation, and I would encourage anyone who cares about wolves to support them – either by buying products such as the t-shirt, or by adopting a wolf – no, the wolf doesn’t come to live with you, but you sponsor them and help pay for their food and vet bills!

The other cool thing that happened at the end of September was that S got me a new strap for my handback as one of my presents. The side of the handbag looks like an owl, complete with wings, eyes, and little owl nose. However, about a year ago, the strap broke. Not just when I was moving the bag at home, but as we were dashing through the airport, complete with luggage on the way to check-in. We gathered up the broken bits, but the clip on the strap had snapped, so it needed to be replaced. S got me a new strap, so now the handbag can come out again!


I mentioned my Malin Goetz moisturiser in a previous Latest in Beauty review. At the time I wasn’t that excited by it, but I’ve been using it regularly this month and I’ve discovered that I do really like it. It is light, but it does the job and overall I think it’s a good day cream. It combines vitamin E with soothing chamomile and is apparently suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Anyone who has been following the blog will have heard me rave about the White Company’s Seychelles hand cream. I also discovered that they do a bath and body gift set, and my Mum got it as one of my birthday presents. I’ve been using the moisturising body lotion this month and it smells wonderful. I’m not a fan of products that are just coconut, because they can be a bit overpowering, but this is mixed with vanilla and almond, and I think it smells good enough to eat!


I got some birthday money and decided to treat myself to a lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury. I already have a cream shadow from her collection, but I didn’t have any lipsticks. I decided to go for Bitch Perfect from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. range. It came beautifully wrapped with some samples to try – the ones that I’d chosen as well as a little bottle of the new Charlotte Tilbury perfume. It’s described as a “peach-toned nude creamy lipstick” – well done CT for actually describing your colours. You don’t know how happy that makes blind shoppers. It glides on easily and is creamy, so it doesn’t dry out your lips. This is more than I usually spend on a lipstick, but I think birthday money can be used to get something that’s a bit of a treat!

Drinks and sweet treats

Last year we both received infusers for Christmas. It’s a mug that has a mesh metal basket to sit on the top, and there’s a lid to stop your drink getting cold. You can use them for either loose-leaf tea, or ground coffee. When the drink is ready, you just lift out the basket and it’s good to go. Ideal if you don’t want to make a whole jug of coffee or a whole teapot of loose-leaf tea.

Ours were gifts, so I can’t provide an exact link, but these are similar to what we have.

I suppose it wouldn’t be a favourites post without some reference to chocolate!

I heard that Lindt did chocolate mango truffles, but they were very expensive on Amazon. When I started shopping around, I discovered the Chocolate Imporium and bought both the mango truffles and some Eiscafe coffee chocolates. All of the chocolates are individually wrapped. The coffee ones are solid squares of milk chocolate, and they taste of ground coffee beans. The mango chocolates are white chocolate shells with real mango around a centre of creamy mango goodness! These are luxury, so not just your mid-afternoon sugar fix, but if you like something different, it’s well worth checking out the site because they have all kinds of things ranging from truffles to unusual chocolate bars – ideal for stocking fillers or secret Santa!

Bath and body

You may already know that I love the pink grapefruit shower gel from the Body Shop! Actually I love the whole range, but I’m working my way through a huge 750 ml bottle of the shower gel at the moment, and at the time of writing, they are on offer with 1/3 off. This is one way to make your bathroom and yourself smell of grapefruit all day!

How about you? What have you been enjoying this month? Let me know in the comments! Also, have you tried any of these things?

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14 thoughts on “October favourites – owls, pumpkins, and Charlotte Tilbury”

  1. I love these sorts of posts. Its always interesting to see what people are loving. I adore The White Company seychelles range, totally agree with you on that one. Thanks for the tip re The Body shop shower gels too, I will pop in and pick one up xx

    1. Ooh I hope they’ll still be on sale next week, but they’re usually on offer for a couple of weeks, so you should be ok! Do you like the grapefruit one, or is one of the others your favourite? Do you have any more ranges from the White Company to recommend? XX

      1. I love the satsuma, its just so fresh and uplifting. Gorgeous. The White Company Lime and Bay is lovely and citrusy, and their Spa range is really decadent and soothing. Im a fan of all of their stuff to be fair lol

    1. Thank you – I was so glad we saw him! It was a random find on a trip to Manchester – I saw only one similar when we were at a craft event, but that was a different colour.

  2. Mango truffles sound amazing! As does trying Charlotte Tilbury. I am yet to try her makeup but it always looks so great! I love my Tangle Teezer. I don’t have the travel one but I imagine that must be so handy! They are great for long hair!

    1. Oh yes the mangos! I wish I’d bought more. I can definitely recommend the lipstick or the cream eye shadow from Charlotte Tilbury. The night cream didn’t impress me as much. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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