Blogmas day 5 – Blogmas and Vlogmas content that I’m enjoying

So today I’d like to tell you about some of the other bloggers and Youtubers whose Christmas content I’m enjoying. I subscribe to so many sites and channels that I’ve limited the number here – but if you’re doing Blogmas or Vlogmas, feel free to leave a link in the comments!


The Cozy Den – you may remember S and J from Germany in my Blogger swap box post. Their Christmas posts include Christmas baking, Christmas essentials and Christmas music!

The little wise owl – for posts on baking, Blogmas ideas, and what the little wise owl has been up to in December.

Girl enters (site since deleted by owner) – this is a new blog that I found out about because of Blogmas. That’s one of the things that I like about it – you get to discover new blogs!

Hannah Elizabeth – Hannah Elizabeth is doing Blogmas again- find out where she’s been and check out her beauty posts.

Natalie Gordon has posts on getting into the festive spirit, making your own decorations and a cosy night in.

Nataladalie – for recipes, Christmas music and scents.

Sophie Letitia – I’ve been following this blog for a while and enjoy her make-up and skincare posts. So far we can read about stocking fillers, nail varnishes for Christmas and a trip to somewhere that will get you in the mood for Christmas!


If you like the Christmas vlogs on Youtube, here are some Christmassy videos. I’ve linked the videos directly, but if you look around or follow the channel, you’ll see the rest of the Christmas content.

Jamie Gourdon
Scarlet London
Wavy Kate – the first person who got me into watching advent calendar unboxings!
Emma’s rectangle
Fashion Mumbler – the first person who got me into watching Vlogmas!
Wonderful you
Hello October
Soph does nails

Christmas tree in Stockholm

The calendars

So, if you’re doing an advent calendar this year, what was behind todays door?

L’Occitane – I had another hand cream today, this time a floral one. Usually I don’t get excited about floral things, but this is quite a delicate scent and I like it. Anyway the L’Occitane hand creams are always good!

M&S: Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel. I had to look this up. I knew about dragons from my Nip and Fab products, and it turns out that both brands were created by the same person – although Nip and Fab is cheaper! Therefore I was glad to try something from its sister brand! This is a gel that encourages the production of collagen to help skin appear firmer.

Question for the day

And finally my question of the day – when do you start your Christmas shopping, and have you finished? I haven’t finished yet! Sometimes I start as early as the summer if I find something I know someone will like and they have already had their birthday, but usually I start around November time. I can’t do the crazy rushing around at the end of December because it would stress me out too much!

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7 thoughts on “Blogmas day 5 – Blogmas and Vlogmas content that I’m enjoying”

  1. Aww thank you for the mention. Great list of bloggers I have not heard of too so excited to take a look at those as I was hoping to find more Blogmas posts to read. You have similar taste in Youtube to me!

    1. Some of these bloggers are new to me too – I did a search on Twitter to find out who was talking about Blogmas! If you like Facebook, there is also a nice group for bloggers called blogs in bloom – I’ve found some nice bloggers in there too. Let me know if you have any more recommendations for blogs or youtubers!

  2. You must have read my mind! I was thinking about tweeting for any recommendations for and Vlogmas and Blogmas people to check out. Im all over the Christmas content at the moment, I cant get enough of it. Thanks for sharing. Oh, I have a long way to go before I finish my christmas shopping, but worryingly, Im pretty chilled out about it!

    1. I know, so many people are doing it this year. I’ve got a bit behind with reading to be honest, but I’m so nosey I’ll catch up without skipping anything! I haven’t finished my shopping either, but I did a bit more at the weekend. I’m not that fussed either, particularly as I know that you can get online deliveries for a good few days yet!

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