Blogmas day 7 – Christmas disaster

I share some Christmas disasters – feel free to share yours in the comments!

Hello and welcome to Blogmas day 7! I’ve been blogging every day for a week now and it feels a little strange, but I am grateful for all the likes and comments and happy to know that people are reading them, especially as there is so much content coming out at the moment. I’ve got a bit behind with reading Blogmas posts, but I will catch up!

So last night I went to a Christmas event at a local department store, where I had my first mince pie and first mulled wine. And the English teacher in me has to write this – please don’t anyone write mould wine – it sounds a bit like mulled wine but really isn’t! Anyway, once I’d munched the head off a chocolate Santa tree decoration and heard some Christmas tunes, I was really in the mood for Christmas!

Today I’d like to talk about a couple of Christmas disasters! We plan everything and hope for the best, but sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. Have you had any Christmas disasters? Let me know in the comments!


This isn’t really my disaster, but it happened while I was there, so if I can prevent the same thing happening to someone else by talking about it, that’s a good thing!

I was spending Christmas with some friends and had gone upstairs for something during the Christmas dinner. As I opened the door to come out of the bedroom where I was staying, the whole stairwell in front of me was full of smoke. There was a fire in the house.

The dogs were with me, so I had to get us all to safety. Not the easiest thing when you’re blind and can’t see where the smoke is coming from. The dogs made a dash for it down the stairs, so I followed. I could hear the front door was open and we all made it safely outside.

A candle on a Christmas scene had fallen over and set the cotton wool and the rest of the Christmas scene alight. The fire brigade were called, and although nobody was hurt and there wasn’t too much damage, Christmas dinner had to be abandoned and it wasn’t what anyone wanted for their Christmas Day.
Please always be careful if burning candles, don’t leave them unattended, put them in something protective like a little jar or candle holder, and make sure there is nothing above or near them that they can set alight.

A huge turkey

It was the first Christmas dinner that I cooked myself and I wanted everything to be right. I got busy with my online order and tried to make sure that I’d got absolutely everything I might need. Of course I got a turkey too. The only thing was, I must have got a bit confused with kg and lb because I ended up with an enormous turkey – so big that I wasn’t even sure I’d get it in the oven! Fortunately it did fit in the oven, but I learned that you need to check the weight, especially if you’re not used to buying large joints of meat, and better still – just get the turkey crown!

Locked out

It was the day before Christmas Eve and I was supposed to be making Christmas food. I took my dog out for a quick walk in the park and my mind wasn’t really on what I was doing. The door slammed shut behind me – with my keys on the table – inside!

It had snowed in the night and after our park trip, while other people were enjoying the snow, I was sitting on the wall with my golden retriever, trying to organise a rescue mission!

Cindy’s snout was so cold, her teeth kept chattering and she kept looking from me to the closed door and whining, as if to ask why I didn’t just open the door and let us inside!

My keys were at a friend’s house, but she had gone into London for the day. Fortunately she still got my message and was able to contact her husband, who hunted around for the keys and then drove round to let me in! I’ve never been so happy to see him!

Moral of the story – whatever else you have on your mind, don’t put a foot out of your door unless you’re sure you have your keys!

Christmas tree in Stockholm

The calendars

So, you know the deal by now – I’m going to talk about what was in my calendars. Let me know in the comments what was in yours if you’re doing one too!

L’Occitane : ultra rich body lotion. Actually I used it today! The rectangular plastic tube made it a bit hard to get it all out, but the lotion itself was lovely and luxurious.

M&S: Korres Wild Rose Advanced Repair. I love Korres products, but I haven’t tried this one . It’s a brightening night cream with wild rose oil that evens out skin tone, moisturizes, and softens skin. Sounds good! So far I’ve only used shower gels and body lotions, and I’m looking forward to giving this a try once the other night cream from a few days ago is finished. You can smell the rose, but not in an annoying way!

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4 thoughts on “Blogmas day 7 – Christmas disaster”

  1. I just wanted to leave a short note that I liked this post as well, although I’m now very much behind with my reading here…
    But I think it doesn’t matter that much – what matters is that it makes fun – and that really it does! Thanks for your great blog!

  2. Have you been alone in the house during the fire? Thank God that nothing severe happened to you…

    1. I was with friends, but I had gone upstairs and didn’t know that there was a problem. When I opened the bedroom door, the stairwell was full of smoke.I was scared because I couldn’t see where the fire was and didn’t know how safe the way out would be, but I got myself and two dogs to safety, so everything was ok in the end and nobody was hurt.

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