Blogmas day 17 – the best bits of 2017

So, I thought what better for day 17 than a post about the best bits of the year?

I am not anew blogger, because I’ve been blogging on my business site for a few years, but this year I took my first steps into the world of beauty and lifestyle blogging, which is a lot more personal than educational blogging. I’ve enjoyed seeing Unseen Beauty grow, getting to know some great people online, and having the chance to work with some lovely brands.

Make-up and skincare

On Thursday I had to move my make-up collection into a bigger box because things falling out of the old one was driving me crazy! My skincare collection is still a lot bigger than my make-up, because that’s where my focus is, but I’m so happy that I now have a bigger choice in terms of make-up, and a lot of that is down to the fact that I’m better aware of what’s out there. As someone who has to do the no mirror make-up challenge every day due to my blindness, I was really happy to find more cream products this year, because I find them easier to work with than powders. I discovered all the joys of cream shadows, cream blusher, cream highlight, and cream contour! Yay! So special thanks to my partner S, who gives me honest feedback when I’m trying new stuff out, and my friend Amy, who introduced me to a lot of the new types of product.

One way in which I’ve been able to try out a lot of new products for a fraction of the price is through my beauty subscriptions. I tried out a couple, but stuck with Latest in Beauty and Lovelula for most of the year. I really like Latest in Beauty because you get to fill your own box. Lovelula is good too because of the organic and cruelty-free products, but a lot of make-up has been sneaking into what was originally known as a skincare box, and I prefer to choose my own make-up. So I’m on the fence about that for next year, but it’s still a good box if you aren’t as fussy as I am, and both boxes have given me the chance to try out a lot of lovely products without having to buy them full-size. In terms of Latest in Beauty, there were only 3 products that I didn’t like out of a whole year, and one of those was because I didn’t read it properly!

I’ve always been pretty good at the basic stuff such as moisturising, but I feel that I understand more about the science behind what the different products do, and because of this, I’ve now got a better skincare routine – maybe I’ll do a post about that in the new year!

On the subject of trying new things, my advent calendars have also been a lovely way to open something new and exciting every day. The L’Occitane one has let me see the variety of scents and products that they do and try them out, and the M&S one has introduced me to a lot of new brands.


The big news at home is that we now have a garden – yay! The garden was a disaster when we moved in with rocks everywhere and only really a little patio area that was usable. Now we have a new fence, a new patio, and a grass area. I’m looking forward to getting out there next year.


This year I spent a week in Sweden and Denmark, and another in the South of France. Both were working holidays, but we still found plenty of time for sightseeing!

We also spent a weekend away at Wolfwatch, fulfilling my dream of getting close to a wolf and being woken up by howling!


At work I’ve started working with new customers and continued working with existing ones. I get a lot of job satisfaction from seeing people grow in confidence and start using the things that they have learned. I’ve developed a new area on my site for teachers, and I’m over halfway through writing my second book for freelance teachers. My first book for language learners has been sold in 15 countries and this year became available as a hard copy, as well as an ebook. I got to episode 100 of the English with Kirsty podcast!

The calendars

So, what was behind your door no. 16?

L’Occitane – this time it was another shower gel. I find these a little on the small side, but they are lovely and a good way to find out what scents you most enjoy from the range!

M&S: this time I got something else I hadn’t tried before – the Ren instant firming beauty shot. It’s a serum that hydrates, firms, lifts, and plumps the skin. I’m doing a post on serums in the new year and I’m excited to try another one out!

Question of the day

Plastic or real Christmas tree? What do you think?

As a child, we usually had a real one, and I loved the pine scent, but now we have a plastic one! It’s easier, less mess, and I do feel a bit bad about all those trees in January.

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