Blogmas day 18 – Christmas customs

If I do a blogging challenge again, it won’t be when I’ve booked time off work. It’s easy when I’m already sitting at my laptop for hours each day, but not so easy when I’m out and about, not trying to think about work or either of my websites!

Anyway, this is what I want to share with you for day 18. It’s something I put together about Christmas traditions in the UK, mainly for my learners and podcast listeners in other parts of the world! Enjoy!

The calendars

It was a day of body lotions, with a body lotion in both the L’Occitane and the M&S calendar. I’ve used the almond milk one from L’Occitane already and it was wonderful. I’ve still to try out the Ameliorate Skin Transforming Body Lotion from M&S, but it’s a lovely decent size again! How about you?

Question of the day

Star or angel on top of the tree? We have a star!

Christmas tree in Stockholm

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