Cadbury World and Cadbury gifts

When I’ve done swap boxes in the past, Cadbury chocolate has been one of the things that were requested from the UK. A friend from Switzerland wanted Cadbury mini eggs in her Easter chocolate box, and my friends from the Cozy Den wanted twirls in their blogger swap box. For anyone who hasn’t tried them, mini eggs are little chocolate eggs with a crunchy shell, and twirls are flaked chocolate wrapped in – more chocolate!

When S and I found ourselves needing to go to Birmingham, I had an idea what we could do there! We were going because S had some meetings there, but we went a day early so that we could visit Cadbury World the day before. I’d been wanting to go for years, but it’s not really close by and I somehow hadn’t got round to it.

I booked our tickets online and at the same time booked an audio guide for me so that S didn’t have to read everything to me! He would have done otherwise, but we look for audio guides where we can and I also like museums and places to know that these things are appreciated and used.

When we arrived, we were greeted by someone who handed out bars of chocolate – with which I quickly filled my bag! There was plenty to go round, and there were about 5 different types of bar.

The tour is self-guided, so it would be quite difficult for a blind person to do it without assistance, but if I’m with S or other family and friends, I prefer self-guided tours anyway. You can go at your own pace, skip things that aren’t as interesting, and spend longer on things that you want to learn more about.

The exhibition is split into different parts – for example there’s one where you learn the story of chocolate, one where you find out how chocolate is made, and another where there is a live demonstration. During the live demonstration, we were also given the opportunity to munch on little pots of melted chocolate with different toppings.

In order to get the audio guide working, you needed to type in numbers that matched up to the numbers on nearby signs. So S told me the numbers and I activated the guide. The audio presentations were well-made and gave information about the visual displays. The only problem I had was when they were talking about the marketing, it said things like “see how many you can recognise”. As someone who had the guide because I’m blind, I couldn’t recognise any of the displays, and I would have preferred the audio guide to be used for giving descriptions of the adverts that everyone else could see.

We also spent some time in the café, drinking mugs of steaming hot chocolate, and wandered round the gift shop. I got myself a little Cadbury’s bunny plush toy, as well as 2 advent calendars (who said they’re just for children?!) and some other bits and pieces.

Some of the exhibits were clearly made with children in mind, so it’s definitely a good day out if you are looking for something to do with children. However, it was still interesting for two adults.

If you want to know more about Cadbury World, which is near Birmingham, you can visit the website here.

Although it’s easy to find Cadbury’s chocolate in any supermarket or sweet shop, I was interested to discover Cadbury Gifts Direct – an online shop where you can buy a wide range of gifts for different occasions.

I recently bought a selection box, which contained 2 mini boxes of chocolates and 7 bars, all done up in a gift box. Actually it’s meant to be a gift for mums – sorry mum if you’re reading this – but there are gifts for other occasions too. But I always like to try things out before I recommend them! (I removed the link as this box is no longer available).

In terms of other gifts, you can get a birthday bar, a chocolate and red wine gift, (yeah of course I spotted that one!), Christmas gifts, and Easter eggs. When I went shopping, there was an Easter clearance sale, so I got a large Cadbury’s cream Easter egg with a carton of cream eggs that was in the sale. I do like these chocolate shells with the creamy goodness inside! At the time of writing, there are still some Easter offers on, as well as things for Mother’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas.

So if you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves Cadbury’s chocolate, or even for yourself, you might find something here! Spending money in the shop earns you virtual chocolate chunks, which can be redeemed on future purchases.

So, have you bought or received any Cadbury gifts? Also, have you been to Cadbury World? What did you think of it?

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4 thoughts on “Cadbury World and Cadbury gifts”

  1. Whenever I hear about people going to chocolate themed places I automatically think about Willy Wonka. 😂 I hope they can update the tour to be a bit more descriptive for blind people, or maybe add braille to the signs and the guide thing itself so it would be easier to add the numbers!

    1. Yes it did feel a bit like Charlie and the chocolate factory! I look out for places like this when we’re travelling because I think it’s interesting to see how things are made. Braille would be nice, but the problem with Braille signs is that you have to know where they are, and that might be difficult to find in such a crowded place with people everywhere if you can’t see the sign! I was most impressed with what they did in the Anne Frank house – there the audio guide automatically started playing when it came to each new part of the house. I think it was some kind of location technology/Bluetooth, so you didn’t have to enter anything!

      1. Oh yeah, I didn’t think about that! But the Anne Frank house setup does sound like a great way to go about it. That way you can go at your own pace too instead of rushing from place to place trying to keep up with the audio guide.

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