New and favourite things in April

I want to make these posts a bit more than favourites, so from now on I’m going to be talking about new things, things that have made life easier/better, as well as the usual favourites.

Bluetooth headset

My old headset was doing well – it was held together with sellotape on both sides, but one day it refused to charge any more and I knew I had to get a new one. I needed something that’s comfortable, because I wear a headset a lot of the time, something with good sound quality, a microphone, and for it to be wireless. The last headset I got was a gaming one – I’m not a gamer, but a lot of the requirements are the same.
Having a wireless one is good because although I usually sit at my desk, it gives me the freedom to pick up my wireless keyboard and work anywhere in the house without having to take my laptop along. This is also good for Dungeons and Dragons night because my stuff is easily portable and the added bonus is that nobody can see what I’m writing because there is no screen involved!

So, I was complaining about needing a new headset and S ordered one as a surprise – from, a site I hadn’t heard of before – .
This is the one I got and I’m very happy with it.

a plastic storage box”

I don’t have the link for this, but we were in a craft shop looking for something else, when we came across some large, shallow plastic storage containers and I decided one of them would be perfect for my make-up.

It’s not that I have any embarrassing stories. I didn’t colour my eyes in with the bright red lip crayon because it felt like the eye crayons. I’m careful about knowing what everything is and labelling everything, but having set compartments for eye products, lipsticks, blushers, highlighters etc just makes everything quicker to find, and who doesn’t want to make life easier?


Around Easter time I had some time off and I did a bit of make-up shopping.

I got the Clinique highlight and contour sticks for Christmas and discovered that they do a blusher too. There’s a range of colours – I got the plumped up peony. These are quite expensive, but they go on smoothly, are easy to blend, and you get a decent amount in the stick. They all feel the same, so I have marked them, but I think they are a good product and there are about 3 other colours if you want to have a choice.

I also tried one from another brand – Isadora, which is slightly cheaper than the Clinique one. I got the English rose blush stick, and these cream blushers make life so easy, particularly for people who can’t see what they’re doing. I’ve tried sticks, tubes and pots of products, but I always come back to the blusher sticks. You just have to remember to blend them properly!

I’ve already complained about the horrible eye shadow in my March empties, but I did get a couple more that were better.

I’d heard about 3ina make-up and I was interested to see that they did a selection of cream shadows too. I would say these are mid-range in terms of the price, but after applying this for the first time, I was told I needed another coat. Adding another coat did make it look better, but then because it’s cream to powder and there were two coats of it, it was a total pain to get it off again! Maybe in future I just need a thicker coat. This is definitely a formula that I can work with – it’s nice and creamy and goes on easily, but it seems the colour pay-off isn’t great and it’s therefore not as good as some of my similar ones that are cheaper. I’ll definitely use it, but probably won’t get any more.

I also got a Revlon Colorstay crème shadow, which was fine. It’s a bit firmer than some of the other creams, a bit like the Maybelline Color tattoo ones. I prefer the application of the 3ina one, but the Revlon one looked better afterwards and didn’t need a second coat.

Going back to the more high-end products, I picked up a Nars lipstick because I’d read good things about the formula and I like a satin finish that doesn’t dry out your lips. You can see the range here.


A while ago I talked about the Body Shop® Oils of Life cream because I got a sample of it in the 2016 calendar. Last year I then got the full size because it’s such a lovely cream, especially in the Winter/early Spring when the weather is cold and your skin gets dried out because of being in heated buildings all the time. It’s not the cheapest night cream that they do, but if you feel that you want to give your face that extra bit of nourishment, I can really recommend this.


I try to take good care of my hair, and I don’t use straighteners or other heated stylers on it, but it occurred to me that I could protect it by getting a blow drying spray because even in the Summer, I have to dry it to some extent because it’s so long. So I picked up the Percy and Reed perfect blow dry make-over spray. It’s one of those products where you can’t see the benefits, but protecting my hair from heat damage has to be a good thing.

I’ve never tried any haircare products from Molten Brown before, but I got a couple of samples in a beauty box and I really liked them! This is the <a href="; purifying set for all hair types with Indian cress. I only had little 30ml testers and the full size is quite pricy, but this stuff is amazing and my hair was so soft and silky afterwards! Here’s where you can get the full size set.

So, have you tried any of these things? What have you been enjoying this month? Let me know in the comments!

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23 thoughts on “New and favourite things in April”

  1. Do you own any Maybelline color tattoo cream shadows, I thought to buy one but all of the testers were completely dried out so I’m not sure what kind of consistency it is. I like cream eye shadows, but it’s so hard to find good ones. xx

    1. Sorry I missed this. I do have a couple of them. Some of the cream shadows are more runny like a cream, whereas these are a bit firmer, like a body butter! You should be ok in terms of keeping them for a while, but they will dry out eventually and you have to make sure you always put the lid back on properly. I have had one from another brand that dried out to the point where I couldn’t use it, and that hasn’t happened with the colour tattoo ones.

  2. I love a favourites post, such a fun insight into what you’ve been up to this month! I absolutely love going to the craft store, always end up coming home with the most random stuff. Have yet to try a NARS lipstick but have heard such great things. Brilliant post, really enjoyed xx

    1. Thanks so much! You can definitely come out with more than you bargained for! The Nars lipstick is a bit more expensive, but I think it’s a good one because it doesn’t dry out your lips and I like the formula. Thanks for your comment XX

    1. Well, I’m not an expert and actually my boyfriend picked this one out for me as a surprise, but I am happy with it and it is comfortable. It also has a better range than the one I had before and it hasn’t cut out yet!

  3. I’d be keen to know how the headphones stand up to prolonged use and whether or not you find that they occasionally cut out.
    My son is a gamer and we get through headphones regularly- so if there was a different (better but not too expensive) range, I’d maybe give them a go.

  4. Clinique is pottery much the only company whose make up I wear! I never have a reaction, it’s always easy to use, and it’s long-lasting ☺ They have chubby sticks for everything- lips, cheeks, eyes, cover-up, highlighter,bronzer, and they are all fantastic!! Totally worth the cost ☺

      1. I like it a lot! It’ll be in my May favourites! I knew about the other sticks, but I’m late to the party with the ones for eyes. Thanks again 🙂

  5. The headset looks really good. I haven’t used one in a while, but my hand do tire a lot lately so maybe I should look into something for dictating.

    1. I don’t do any dictation so can’t tell you how good it is for that, but the microphone is decent quality as I use it for my podcasts. It’s also good for moving around the house listening to music etc.

  6. I haven’t tried any of the blushes, but I will!! I love Clinique products. They are always in my faves as well!!! xx

  7. The Clinique blusher sounds lovely! I also love storing makeup in different compartments! the Percy & Reed spray sounds really good. My hair is always dry and this products sounds great for it.

    1. My make-up box was so untidy before – I had to do something! Have you tried hair masks? There’s a good one from the Body Shop with banana if your hair is feeling in need of some love!

      1. Oooh thanks for the tip with The Body Shop hair mask with banana. I do try to use hair masks but always forget haha. I need to make more of an effort especially living in London where the water is so hard!

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