My second book -Achieving results online with adult language learners

I don’t know how many of my language teacher friends and contacts read my personal blog, but I posted something on my business blog today about my second book, which has just come out, so I thought I’d share it here as well.

English with Kirsty

So, my second book is now available to buy, and this time it’s one for people who are thinking about teaching English online.

I never thought about writing on this subject, but after I wrote the first article about working with blind students, more followed, and they seemed to be well-received with shares and comments from other teachers. Sometimes it was other online teachers, sometimes it was people who wanted to set up their own language teaching business. Sometimes it was people who had been working in schools, giving face-to-face lessons for years.

I knew I didn’t want to write a step-by-step, how-to guide, because a lot of the time, we are our brand, and the unique and individual things that people bring to a business are what set it apart and make it unique. However, what I can do is share my experiences, ideas, tips and knowledge, so that…

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Author: englishwithkirsty

I have two blogs. Unseen Beauty is my personal blog. English with Kirsty is my business blog for people who are interested in languages or learning English.

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