Why we backed the Critical Role kickstarter – blind fan to find out how the characters look

The most popular post on my blog this year was the one about making dungeons and dragons accessible to blind gamers I don’t write about this hobby a lot on my blog, but it’s something that S introduced me to and that we do regularly. I think the interest came because there’s not a lot of information about blind people getting involved in this hobby, but with a few modifications, it’s definitely possible.

S has bought things on Kickstarter before, but I never have. That changed this week when we backed the Critical Role kickstarter, which means that we will get a selection of models to represent the characters in the two seasons of the live action campaigns of Critical Role

I mentioned Critical Role before in my first D&D post. S watched it on YouTube, and I really got into it when they started posting the audio files as podcasts as well. (I prefer podcasts because the app allows you to play them at double speed, whereas the YouTube app does not). I’m used to listening to my phone and computer at high speed so that I can read information quickly – and therefore it’s harder for me to stay focussed at normal speed now. Also some of these files are about 4 hours long!

The adventures are set in Exandria, a world created by Matthew Mercer. The players are all voice actors, which really brings them to life when you’re listening to them. Hard to believe that Jester and Vex’ahlia are played by the same person because the voices are so different!

Critical Role is now into its second season and as well as enjoying the epic adventures, listening to others play helps me to understand more about the game, gives me ideas about my own characters and what you can do with them. The first character I ever played was a half-elf Druid like Keylith, and I enjoyed watching her develop. Grog the Barbarian was hilarious and his voice suited him perfectly. Scanlan’s songs and antics made me laugh. I enjoyed the chemistry between brother and sister Vex’ildan and Vex’ahlia.

If you haven’t listened to season 1, I’d recommend it – and there’s 373 hours of gameplay to listen to!

Season 2 saw a whole new group of characters – and even Frumpkin the cat gets featured on the model!

This information is taken from the Kickstarter page, which I have linked below:

“The first Critical Role campaign centered on the ragtag group of heroes in Tal’Dorei known as Vox Machina — Pike Trickfoot, the Gnome Cleric, Keyleth, the Half-Elf Druid, Percival “Percy” Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo, the Human Gunslinger, Grog Strongjaw, the Goliath Barbarian, Scanlan Shorthalt the Gnome Bard, Taryon “Tary” Darrington, the Human Artificer, Vex’ahlia (and her animal companion, a bear named Trinket), the Half-Elf Ranger and Vax’ildan, the Half-Elf Rogue. The first campaign ended in November 2017 after 115 episodes and 373 hours of gameplay.
Critical Role is now in its second campaign, in which the Mighty Nein begin their adventures together in Wildemount. The Mighty Nein consists of Yasha, the Aasimar Barbarian, Beauregard, the Human Monk, Mollymauk Tealeaf, the Tiefling Blood Hunter, Fjord, the Half-Orc Warlock, Nott the Brave, the Goblin Rogue, Jester, the Tiefling Cleric, and Caleb Widogast, the Human Wizard. Shakäste, a human cleric, has proven himself to be a trusted ally of the Mighty Nein.”

Some gamers collect minis as a hobby. I don’t do that, but I do have one to represent each of the characters I’ve created, both to use during the games, and as a reminder of those characters. When playing online, you don’t use the minis, but if there is a map out on the table to show where everyone is, people use the miniature models to represent their characters. I usually get a description of what’s going on and then tell my sighted team-mates where I want my character to be on the map.

I also have a bunch of wolf minis – because wolves are cool! S had some and I wanted a set too!
I think that miniatures are really good for blind players because it gives us an idea what things look like – especially things that you’re not likely to come across in real life, such as dragons, goblins, and water elementals! S has quite an extensive collection, so when we encounter something or someone on our travels, as well as the other players seeing what it looks like, I can imagine it too by touching the model.

On podcasts, players often describe their characters. There’s also a lot of fan art for the popular ones, but someone with no sight is not able to appreciate them because they are drawings or paintings. You can get to know and love characters as you follow their adventures on Youtube or podcasts, but I don’t really know what they look like, as I would if I were reading a book about them.

So – when I heard that there were going to be minis of the Critical Role characters, I wanted to find out more!

Some minis have to be assembled – you get lots of pieces and have to stick them together. My wolves came like that and S assembled them for me, but I was happy to see that the Critical Role ones are pre-made PVC minis that can be used in your own games or kept as part of a collection. I need to find a way of getting Trinket the bear as an animal companion for one of my future characters!

I was going to post this later, when I could actually post a picture of them, but I thought it would be nicer to do it now so that I can share the link if anyone is interested. The Kickstarter is open for 5 more days as I write this. The minis are due to be shipped in March 2019 and it costs £45 for the set, which works out around £2 per model – a really good price when standard minis can cost anything from £1.50 to £5. Larger and rare ones can be much more expensive.

So if you want to find out more, you can go to the Critical Role Kickstarter page. This is not an affiliate link – just something I care about and would like to promote.

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