September favourites – birthday, chocolate skincare, and eye shadow sticks

Well, it’s the last day of September, and before we get into October, I’d like to talk about the good bits, the things I discovered, and generally things that made me happy.

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Birthday and family time

September is my birthday month, so it was good to spend some time celebrating with S, family and friends. There was the Chinese meal with S + 11 wonderful friends, the meal for 2 with S at Chiquitos, and the birthday shopping day in Reading, including a trip to the jewellers! There were also thoughtful gifts from friends, a visitor with cake (you know who you are and are probably reading this!), a Braille card from a company that not only brailles the cards, but also describes the pictures, and quite a lot of chocolate. Birthdays are great!

The photo in the post header was taken earlier in the month, when I met up with two of my cousins, whom I hadn’t seen for eight years. They were staying with their mum in a holiday cottage, another aunt and uncle came too, and we had a family reunion. It was lovely to see them after so long.

New finds – skincare and make-up

This could also fit under the birthday heading. I had no idea that Hotel Chocolat also did skincare – until I was bought one of the body lotions for my birthday. You can check out the whole chocolate skincare range here It’s mainly cocoa butter with nuts such as almond and coconut – so not good for you if you have nut allergies, but I don’t, and I think the lotion I got smelled good enough to eat!

I can’t help thinking this next product was bought just because of the name, suggesting that it suits me! However, the lippy cow lip treatment from Cowshed is a good product to prepare for the colder weather.
And ok I may be a lippy cow as well!

Finally, the lovely Joanna from MyPinkRambles was talking about the ELF eye shadow sticks the other day, and I picked up a couple when we went to Superdrug. If you find it hard to apply powder shadows because of a visual impairment, or just prefer something that’s quick and easy to draw on, this may be of interest to you. They are very creamy, and don’t drag on the lids as some of the other eye crayons do. I got rose gold and perfect pearl.

New finds – food and home

I can’t link this because it was a gift, but I was given a sunflower to sit in my office. I love sunflowers, and this one isn’t going to die through neglect because it’s artificial! Some fake flowers can look awful, but if you find tasteful ones, it can brighten up the room without the need to worry about keeping plants alive – which I’m not good at!

If you have children or you’re bored of ordinary-looking fried eggs, I’ve discovered some moulds recently. To be honest, I’m more of a scrambled or poached egg kind of girl, but I got this owl egg-mould to add to my ever-growing owl collection. One of the things I like about Ocado – you can get all the usual food and grocery stuff, but there are also a decent number of toiletries and things for the home on there. By the way, if anyone wants to try Ocado for the first time, there is an offer whereby we both get £20 of vouchers – £20 for you and £20 for me. You also get a free smart pass for a year, so if you like Ocado, you won’t need to pay delivery charges for one year. have to be a new customer to apply – see terms and conditions in your invitation. You can request an invitation in the contact form if you’re interested.


The beginning of my course is getting closer. I’ve found the Facebook groups really good – there is a specific one for my course, as well as one for my region. The forum on the Open University site is also quite active, but I like the way that Facebook is being used to bring people together so that they can help each other. There is also a Whatsapp group, but maybe I’m too old – I can’t keep up with so many messages lol!

I also went to a meet-up for new and existing students. I was the only one from the IT degree there, but it was still good to meet some other people on different courses, talk about their experiences, and see the wide range of backgrounds that people come from to do distance learning.

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8 thoughts on “September favourites – birthday, chocolate skincare, and eye shadow sticks”

  1. Lovely photo gal! Hope you had a lovely birthday, sounds brilliant! I can’t believe hotel chocolate does skincare, would be so interested to hear how this was!
    Sounds like you had a brilliant september and have a lot of choccy to eat!xx

    1. Thank you! And yes, even the cake was a chocky one – they know me so well lol! The skincare is lovely – mainly body lotions, hand creams and some lip care. I have a body lotion and it’s nice and rich. I don’t think all of the stores have them – my local one does, but the one I went to on Friday didn’t. But if you can’t find them in-store, you can get them online. Happy October to you XX

  2. What a lovely round-up for the month! I hope you had a lovely birthday and time with friends and family – it’s amazing you got to see two cousins you hadn’t seen in so many years. I also saw a cousin I hadn’t seen in ages (maybe 11 years now, which is a scary thought) but the circumstances weren’t too positive as it was because my uncle was so poorly, and then very sadly died. Jeees, I’m such a downer! I just wanted to empathise and say I think it’s great you got to have a little family reunion! 🙂 Hope all goes well when for the start of the course, and Facebook really can be great for finding groups when it comes to study because I found the same when I did my OU course! I hope your October is a positive one Kirsty!  ♥

    Caz xx

    1. Thank you! Seems my birthday is still going on because S found a present that he bought in the Summer and forgot to give me lol!
      Family reunions are good. It makes you think sometimes about being a bit more proactive, or else all you do is see people at weddings, and sadly funerals. It’s nice to have something that isn’t such a big or sad occasion as well.
      Yes, I can cope with Facebook groups and the forum. My first tutorial is booked, and I’m so happy I can attend them all online.
      Have a wonderful October XX

  3. Wow I have to check out the rest of the Hotel Chocolat skincare. I bet that is amazing! I remember trying a hand wash in their restaurant by them and it was so dreamy! Thanks for mentioning it!

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