October highlights – week off, world of wizardry, and winning sheet masks

October has been a good month. We started it with a week off, my course is in full swing now, and I’m getting into the autumn vibes of warming foods and cosy nights in!
What have you been enjoying this month?

World of wizardry

One of our days out on our week off was to the Harry Potter studio tour. I won’t write at length about it in this post, but you can read the full review here.

Wizarding slider charms

One of my birthday gifts was a slider bracelet, and I’ve been enjoying getting some new charms for it. For example, it has two owls – one from Harry Potter, and one with a mortar board, which was a birthday present from S. I also picked up a couple more at the Harry Potter tour – a letter from Hogwarts and a chocolate frog.

Greek restaurant

During our week off, we also spent a day in Reading, where we had lunch at The Real Greek. When we went, the weather was still good enough to eat outside. You can buy individual main dishes, but we bought a selection of smaller dishes to share, which meant we could try more things. The food was delicious, and I finished it off with some Greek coffee.
I was a little disappointed at the lack of lamb in the moussaka, but apparently this is being reviewed. The other dishes were all very good though and I’d definitely go there again if we go to Reading.


Last year I wrote about pumpkins too. As a child I never ate them, but in addition to our pumpkin soup, which is becoming a bit of a tradition now, we also made a feta, pumpkin, bacon and spinach flan. I don’t really think about buying or cooking with pumpkins during the rest of the year, but when they’re all out for Halloween, it makes me want to see what else we can make with them. The flan was delicious and an interesting variation on quiche if you’re looking for some new flavours. I got the recipe here.

New eye shadow stick

I raved about the ELF eye shadow sticks last month, and am still enjoying using those. I can usually make a decent job of the cream shadows in a pot, but the sticks are quicker, they don’t dry up, and they seem to crease less. When you can’t see the end result, it’s good to feel sure it looks good because you can’t check yourself! I only ever do simple eye looks, but I’d rather do something simple well, than attempt something complicated and screw it up!
So the point of this long intro is to say that I also picked up one of the NARS Velvet Shadow Sticks from Feelunique. These are not the cheapest shadow sticks, but thy are soft and gentle on the eyes, there’s no fuss (they’re just twist-up), there’s a range of colours, and it will probably last longer than some of my shadow pots.
I do mark my make-up in a tactile way so I know what I’m picking up, but I also have a habit of buying one product from a bunch of different brands, than a bunch of products that feel exactly the same from one brand. It also means I can build an opinion about what I think of shadow sticks from different brands, and I’d definitely recommend these.

Winning face masks

I first talked about Sussex Sandra in my YouTuber post. I’ve been following Sandra’s YouTube channel for over a year now, and I enjoy her honest and no-nonsense approach to beauty box, make-up and skincare reviews. If she doesn’t like something, she’ll tell you – which is refreshing in a world of so many YouTubers who think that every product is amazing! Similarly if she likes things and thinks they are good value, she’ll tell you that as well. I’ve found out about some great offers and products through her channel and she replies to comments.
Sandra did a giveaway on her channel on a video about facemasks and she sent me the Madara SOS instant moisture plus radiance hydra mask (I love Madara products!), a Multivitamin mask from Vitamasques, and the Skimono total conditioning plus mask. I mentioned that I liked hydrating masks and am really looking forward to trying these out. haven’t used them all yet and will do separate reviews in my empties posts, but it was really nice of Sandra to do the giveaway and I’d encourage any of you to go and check out her channel.

Spending Glossy points

So, I’ve been getting Glossybox for a few months now. After every box, you have the option of rating the products inside, and giving your views on the boxes. The surveys don’t take long, and they are not as intrusive as some online surveys – they’re primarily about the products themselves and what you thought of them.
Filling out these surveys takes slightly longer if you don’t use a mouse, because you have to keep clicking next so that the next question appears on the screen, even if you’ve already read all the information with your screenreader and answered the questions. It’s doable though once you understand how the page works.
Anyway – each survey earns you Glossy Credits, and you can cash these in on the Lookfantastic site. This month I decided to trade mine in, and I got the Korres lip butter, and the Yes to Grapefruit vitamin C boosting mask snap stick. Not bad for answering a few questions! I know I like both of these brands, and I can’t say I wasn’t influenced by the words mango and grapefruit! The mango lip butter smells amazing and will be good to have around as the weather gets colder. I haven’t tried out the snap stick yet, but the idea of mask in a stick intrigues me! There is a review coming soon!
The main point was to let you know about the Glossy credits – if you’re a Glossybox subscriber or thinking about becoming one, it’s a good way to get to try some extra products that you can pick yourself.

Pamper nights

This is not a new product for me. I have baths all year round, but I’ve been particularly enjoying the almond milk and honey bath milk from the Body Shop®. It contains almond milk, almond oil, and honey, and is one of the thickest bath milks I’ve seen. It does produce bubbles – not crazy bubbles, but enough for a good covering. It also leaves your skin feeling really soft afterwards, and is recommended for people with dry or sensitive skin. Again, not the cheapest when it comes to bubble baths, but due to its thickness, it does last a long time.

Nutriganics night cream

This is a bit disappointing – I can’t link it because The Body Shop® doesn’t seem to stock this any more. But I had a smoothing night cream from this range, which promises to deal with the first signs of aging. Unlike a lot of the night creams, it comes in a pump, which I prefer to the jars. It’s moisturising but lightweight, and I’ve even used it as a day moisturiser on a couple of occasions. I don’t know if it’s out of stock or discontinued, but I’m enjoying using it and hope it will come back.

Passing my first assessment

I’m not going to report on every assessment, but it felt good to pass the first one! I’m enjoying my course. I’m keeping up with the work! I’m learning new things – even even things about myself!

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2 thoughts on “October highlights – week off, world of wizardry, and winning sheet masks”

  1. Ohhh Kirsty I am so jealous you did the Harry Potter tour. Im desperate too! I love the sound of that Body shop bath foam too, the smells sound amazing! I love eyeshadow sticks too. Ones that I have enjoyed are the Kiko ones. Really good value but last really well xx

    1. Definitely go to Harry Potter if you get the chance! They make it all Christmassy in December too, so I’ve heard that’s a good time to go!

      I still haven’t got round to trying out those Kiko sticks, but they’re on my list! Thanks for the reminder XX

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