Blogmas is coming

Well, it’s nearly that time of the year again – Blogmas is coming!

I did Blogmas for the first time last year. For anyone who doesn’t know what it is, Blogmas is when bloggers post something for 24 (or sometimes 12) days in December. If it’s 24 days, which is what I’m doing, it will be from 1st to 24th December.

What people do depends on the individual blogger. Some people follow prompts while others come up with their own ideas.

I’ve got a plan with 24 ideas, and I’ll be writing a post a day (none of this uploading in advance for me, mainly because the date picker widget isn’t accessible to me as a non-mouse user!) So what you get will in most cases have been written shortly before I hit “publish”.

So, what can you expect?

  1. A Christmas or winter topic each day – it could be anything from what I’ve been up to, to gift guides, to information about a popular Christmas or Winter tradition.
  2. An unboxing of two beauty and skincare Advent calendars, with a couple of lines about the products each day.
  3. The Unseen Beauty Blogmas giveaway, with 24 chances to win the main Blogmas box, which will contain 10 products from the advent calendars. There will also be a couple of runner-up beauty and skincare prizes as well.
  4. It’s also a time for giving something back, so throughout Blogmas there will be information about 3 charities that I support, and the work that they do.

What you won’t find is a lot of pictures…as I’m blind, I can’t take my own. There will be some images to show you the things that I’m talking about, but if I don’t have a suitable image, you’ll see Maisie the German Shepherd. A lot of work goes into creating interesting Blogmas content, and if I had to rope people into helping me source images all the time, Blogmas would feel very stressful and more of a chore. So come for the writing!

If you’re doing Blogmas this year, you’re welcome to leave your link in the comments.

I hope you’ll enjoy the things that I have planned and now we just need to wait till next weekend when it all starts!

Due to the increased volume of posts, I’ll be doing an update to my subscribers twice a week instead of the usual once a week.

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Author: englishwithkirsty

I have two blogs. Unseen Beauty is my personal blog. English with Kirsty is my business blog for people who are interested in languages or learning English.

9 thoughts on “Blogmas is coming”

  1. I’m still thinking about it… I tend to post daily with challenges I take part in… can I squeeze in a Blogmas post too? We’ll see!

    1. I bet you have loads of stories and things you could tell if you can squeeze it in!
      I found it ok last year while I was working, but as soon as I got in the holiday mode (I had a week off before Christmas), it was tough being disciplined to post. But no such luck with the holiday this year, so in that respect it should be easier!
      I’ll look forward to reading if you do decide to give it a go!

      1. I was thinking of a blog tips blogmas post run up… kinda like an advent calendar of tips… but I need to list and see if I counddo 24!!

      2. Yes, I wrote my ideas list both times before I committed to Blogmas. I change some things if I get a better idea, but at least won’t be stuck now. Saying that, you can sometimes get inspiration from what other people are doing too.

  2. I’m not a fan of December because I like to live in blissful ignorance about the C word happening yet again (where did this year go?!) but this is exciting! Good luck with Blogmas, looking forward to seeing what you blog about through the month! 😀
    Caz xx

    1. Haha, don’t worry! It’s not all about the C word! There are things about food and animals too! And the usual dose of beauty and skincare! Hope you enjoy it and have a great week XX

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