Blogmas 2018 – my first Braille chocolate advent calendar

Regular readers of this blog will know that I care about accessibility and accessible products.
In terms of advent calendars, when I was a child, my Nan always helped to prepare them. We typed the number in Braille onto clear sticky-back plastic, cut them out, and my Nan stuck them on the right doors.
Now Sean helps with the beauty calendars – I type out the labels and he sticks them on the appropriate box so that I can locate and open it myself.
However, for the first time this year, I got a chocolate advent calendar that was ready to go! No adaptations needed. I just wait for the right day, locate the number in Braille that is already printed on the door, and open it to get the day’s chocolate.
Just a simple thing that kids (and adults) all over the country take for granted, but up until now, this hasn’t been possible.
Braille chocolate advent calendars are nothing new in Germany – I know they’ve been around for a few years – but so far I haven’t seen one in the UK.
That’s why I was happy when one of my friends offered to send me one.
I know it’s a bit late to share this now – tomorrow we are opening day 12, but I firstly wanted to give a shout out to the company that is making them, and secondly wanted to let other people know for next year – whether that’s parents of blind children, or Braille-reading adults who want an accessible chocolate calendar.
The doors are arranged in 8 rows with 3 doors in each row. There are differences between German and English Braille, but the numbers are the same and there is no other writing on the calendar, so there would be no problems with confusing younger or new Braille readers.
This page about the advent calendar is in German, but there is also an email address where you can order it, and the company accepts Paypal. I’m not sure how much it would cost to get one sent from Germany to the UK if you order it directly, but it’s not a heavy calendar, so it shouldn’t be much.

Advent calendar unboxing

Throughout Blogmas I’ll be unboxing my two advent calendars from Glossybox and the Body Shop and giving a brief product review.
Body Shop – a shine liquid lip gloss. I haven’t tried any of these before, and although I don’t often wear lip gloss, it’s always good to have a change sometimes!
Glossybox – I can’t actually find the link for this, but it’s the Bellapierre kissproof lip finish – a clear lip topper to give a glossy finish to liquid lipsticks. The only lipstick I tried from this brand nearly clamped my lips shut because it was so sticky, so I can see why they came out with a product like this. I don’t have the other lipstick any more, but would use this topper on other liquid lips if I think they feel as though they would dry out my lips.
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5 thoughts on “Blogmas 2018 – my first Braille chocolate advent calendar”

  1. What an amazing calendar! I’m so glad they do one in braille, that’s brilliant. And it’s not too late to share this – I seemed to miss out on getting any kind of calendar this year (was too tight to spend much money on a choccie calendar) then tried to get one at the start of December but they seem to have sold out everywhere. That’ll teach me a lesson for being so stingy with money & indecisive!
    Never heard of the Bellapierre brand, but it made me chuckle that one of their lippies nearly clamped your lips shut! It’s like they’ve made a product that caused a problem, then created another problem to fix it!
    Caz xx

    1. Oh no, the supermarket still had some when I was doing my shopping today. Maybe you could still get one and have 2 chocs for the remaining 12 days. Hope you find one XX
      I didn’t give that lipstick a good review at the time. I said you could buy it for someone who talks too much 😉 But it’s not a cheap brand…Still, the clear gloss is nice enough!

  2. Hello Kirsty,

    we are glad that you enjoy our Braille-Advent calendar. This is exactly why we love making those Advent calendars – because they make people happy.

    It was very interesting to read about how you used to prepare your Advent Calendars with the help of your family and friends! As you say, people who see might take something as simple as finding the right door each day for granted, but not everybody is able to do that. And this is why barrier free products are so important.

    Our website that you mentioned actually exists in English, too. If you are interested in the background story of how some children inspired Jürgen Kampmann to develop Advent Calendars for blind people, you can have a look at this Website here:

    We wish you a happy time with your calendar and a Merry Christmas 🙂

    1. Thank you for taking the time to respond and to provide the English link. I can read the German page, but this is useful for my readers and I’m sure that some of them will be ordering calendars from you next year! We have nothing like this in the UK and it’s great that you have filled this gap in the market.

      Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2019!

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