Blogmas 2018 – why do we associate robins with Christmas?

So, a question that went through my head the other day is – why do we have the Christmas robin? Not the Christmas pigeon or the Christmas crow?
I mean, they’re everywhere at Christmas time. On Christmas cards or pictures, and we have a few on our Christmas tree as well.
So I decided to try and find out.
Most of the articles I found made a link between the red breast of a robin and the red uniform worn by postmen in the UK in Victorian times. In fact, our Royal Mail postmen still wear red jackets or red shirts today. Red is considered a royal colour and also a colour that is seen on the Union Jack.
Christmas cards were just becoming popular during the Victorian period, and as the postman brought your cards, the association was made with the robin, which led to robins being depicted on the cards as well.
It also led to the postmen being called robins, although this name isn’t used nowadays.
I also learned that robins like to live in areas where there are big trees and hedgerows. As we started planting hedgerows to mark out the borders of our fields or gardens, robins and people started living closer together – or rather, the robins were encouraged to move closer to the humans. There are more species of birds around in the Summer, but in the Winter, the birds would need to find something to eat. When snow covers the ground, it makes it harder for birds to find food, which sometimes makes them bolder. They’re hungry and they need to find food. So it became more common to see robins on snowy scenes, which may have also contributed to their popularity on Christmas cards.
If you want to give the robins a helping hand in the Winter, they like berries or chopped apples, and mealworms. Especially if the ground is frozen over or there is snow, it’s important to give them access to water as well. Putting water out is good, but you also need to check that it hasn’t frozen over. If you put dried mealworms out, you can also soak them in water to help the birds get moisture in their diet.
Whether or not our affection for the robin has something to do with the Christmas association is unclear, but the robin was voted in 1960 as our national bird.
Have you seen many robins this year?

Advent calendar unboxing

Throughout Blogmas I’ll be unboxing my two advent calendars from Glossybox and the Body Shop and giving a brief product review.
Body Shop – a full size moringa shower gel. We had a shower gel a couple of days ago – I don’t mind another one, but it would have been nice to see some of the fruity products instead of another floral one. There are lovely ranges such as grapefruit, strawberry or raspberry – would have been good to see one of those instead. But never mind, this is a full-size one and I will use it.
Glossybox – this wasn’t something I’ve ever seen before – in fact I didn’t know that this brand did lip products. It’s the Inc.redible jelly lip quencher from Nails Inc. It’s a tinted lip balm in stick form with avocado, vitamin E, and rice bran oil. It doesn’t have a specific taste, but it is gentle and creamy on the lips.
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2 thoughts on “Blogmas 2018 – why do we associate robins with Christmas?”

  1. I had no idea, nor had I really given it much consideration before, about the link between robins and Christmas. It’s just one of those that ‘that is because it always has been’, so this made for interesting reading! Might have to call my postman a ’robin’ next time I see him, see whether he’s ever heard of them being called that because I hadn’t before now. Must admit I’ve not seen that many this year, but they’re always so pretty & delicate when you do see them.
    Hope you get something more fruity for your next product rather than floral! I do love the sound of that ‘lip quencher’ (I’m a Vaseline addict, and I think over the years my addictive need to reapply every minute of the day has made my lips worse, but I’ve never found anything as instantly moisturising as Vaseline so I could do with finding a good alternative). Do you find it keeps your lips well moisturised?
    I hope you’re having a lovely weekend, Kirsty 🙂
    Caz xx

    1. I know – there are so many things that you just accept because they’ve always been that way. Sometimes my students ask me random questions about our traditions here in the UK, and it really makes me think.
      The lip product is good and quite creamy. I think my favourites are the Burt’s Bees and Eos ones, and I got a Body Shop mango one for my birthday too.The one from the advent calendar is good though if you don’t want a flavoured one.
      Thanks for your comment XX

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