The most popular posts in 2018

I love numbers and spreadsheets and things. I try not to get caught up in the whole numbers trap with blogging, but I’m still interested in the stats, and which posts people most want to read.

I decided to do a round-up of the most popular posts in 2018 so that any regular readers can have a look at anything they missed if they want to, but also because I got some new readers during Blogmas, and I thought it might be helpful for them to see what kind of things I write on here when I’m not doing Christmas content.

So I’ve looked at my stats, taken out posts that weren’t written this year and the giveaway links – because who wants to be directed to a giveaway that is closed? However, the December 2018 giveaway is open until 23:59 on 31st December, so if you want to enter that, you can fill out the form on as many Blogmas 2018 pages as you want.

I always find it fascinating – the posts that I enjoy writing the most aren’t always the ones that get the most interaction.

A couple of these nearly didn’t get published. Would people even know what I meant if I started talking about sensory sensitivity? (It turns out that they did). Did I really want everyone to know I’d had an accident at home because I wasn’t paying attention? The post had only been up a couple of minutes when I got messages from concerned friends, so although my first instinct wasn’t to share, writing the post made it easier for me to start talking about it, even though I felt stupid, and maybe some of the tips could help other people if they ever get into that situation.

One theme I can see is that the more personal posts ranked higher. I find those harder to write, but I think that the blogging space has become saturated by people writing generic posts about lots of stuff, so it takes something a bit more individual to stand out. That’s tough for someone who’s more private, and whose day job involves writing educational content. Still, I get the message that there at least needs to be some kind of personal angle or story.

I’ve also noticed that some of the disability-related posts got more interaction. I’ve always been very clear that whilst I write about these topics and how I experience the world as someone who is blind, I don’t want to limit myself to writing a disability blog. That’s nothing against people who do, but honestly it would bore me, and the way I show that blindness is just a small part of what makes a day in the life of Kirsty is to write about other things as well – or to incorporate my experiences into other posts. It’s no good if I churn out blindness-related content till the cows come home and don’t get any joy from it – there has to be a balance.

The other thing I’ve noticed is how my audience has grown and become more diverse. I’m not talking about the numbers here, although they do make me happy. I mean, originally Unseen Beauty was very much focussed on beauty and skincare products. I have still been writing about these things, but I’ve also been enjoying writing the opinion pieces about disability, living and working in the online space, and questioning some of the things that we just accept as part of everyday life. I’ve also loved doing the animal and charity articles and would like to continue this next year. I’d also like to write more about my studies and the things that I’m learning.

So you’ll probably still see the product reviews and beauty box posts, but I want to broaden out the topics here as I have more to talk about and an audience with broader interests than this time last year.

I’ve also realised that people who I know in real life are reading the blog too, and I wasn’t really aware of that before, so hi to you as well!

Enough rambling – these are my top 10 posts for 2018!

10. Blogmas 2018 – my first Braille chocolate Advent calendar

Day 11 was the most popular Blogmas post – probably because Braille Advent calendars aren’t a thing here in the UK, and I imagine it got shared in groups where people are likely to want one!

9. Too many words were happening – sensory sensitivities

This took courage to write, but as I come to terms with things that I find hard, rather than just pretending I don’t, it was good to find a name for them and even better to find that others could relate.

8. April make-up and skincare empties

Not sure what was so special about April – I do an empties post most months to talk about the products I’ve used up and what I thought of them.

7. The value of online friendships

This wasn’t even planned – I saw something on another blog post, responded to it, and then had to get down all my ideas about online friendships before I forgot what I wanted to say. I think people can be really dismissive of the contacts that we make online, and I wanted to put the other, more positive side to that.

6. What I learned from an accident at home

I fell over the bathroom rug and am still having physio now. Always keep your mind on what you’re doing!

5. Don’t be annoying – 15 things I wish people would stop doing on social media

I’ve heard there’s research that says you get more clicks when you use negative words in your headlines. I didn’t do this to get views – maybe people just wanted to see whether they were doing the things that other people find annoying!

4. February favourites

My favourites posts don’t usually do this well, but I did mention that one of them was winning a beauty box, so maybe people wanted to see who was giving away beauty boxes!

3. Blindness myths that need to go away

Sometimes the myths and stereotypes get too much – I decided to deal with as many as I could think of in one post!

2. I’m tired- the disability reality that people don’t talk about

I really struggled with whether to post this one. It’s probably the most open and honest post that I’ve written on the blog, and it seems people can relate to it. I got comments from people in all kinds of situations with different challenges who all new exactly what I was talking about.

1. Making D&D accessible to blind players

This post really took off on Twitter, which is how I believe it came to be in the top slot. It’s not usually something I write about, but I think the Dungeons and Dragons community on social media was just interested to see someone writing about this topic, as not many people do. I was just sharing my experiences and I don’t feel there’s a whole load more I could write on the topic, but I’m really happy if the things that I have learned have helped other people too.

So there you have it! Those were my most popular posts.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s been with me on this Unseen Beauty journey this year. Thanks for all the comments – whether on the blog or privately. Thanks for the likes and shares. Thanks for reading!

Happy New Year and I hope 2019 will be a good one for you!

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8 thoughts on “The most popular posts in 2018”

  1. Fab round-up, it’s fascinating to see what’s been more popular or had more interaction. I think you’re right with personal posts being different to a lot of the more ‘generic’ stuff many people put out into the ether, and those who get to ‘know’ you through your blog are more invested in the personal stuff because they care. Will check through all of these posts to make sure I’ve read them all! Here’s to a new year of happy blogging!! 🙂
    Caz xx

    1. Thank you! It’s a tough balancing act because I want to be me without crossing the oversharing line – but in a way the writing is also therapeutic because I can put things down in words that I wouldn’t usually bother to share! Even friends and family members have said they now know me better through reading the blog!
      Thanks for your support and encouragement over the last year XX

  2. Hi Kirsty

    That’s a really great summary & definitely shows that people are into much more than beauty when it comes to your blog. Thanks for sharing as I hadn’t looked back & didn’t know you were blind at all & now I’ve just realised that you teach English – is that right? So I have learned a lot from this post! I’m glad you had a good Christmas and I’m going to read a couple of posts now before the world distracts me again!

  3. I agree that the posts you enjoy writing most don’t tend to be the ones that get the most likes/comments/engagement! But i guess those posts are the most fundamental reason we blog – to indulge in that love of writing about certain topics, and to share it with our readers. What a great list of posts, I love the “I’m tired- the disability reality that people don’t talk about” one! Good on you for writing it. xx

    1. Thanks – that post went through so many edits before I was happy with it, which isn’t what I normally do!

      I think you’re right – it would be easy to look for a formula and try to churn out posts that get good traction, but if your heart isn’t in it, people will see that and stop coming back.

      Happy New Year XX

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