Blogger tips – 10 things I learned from doing Blogmas

So, Blogmas is over, and I haven’t yet decided whether I’m doing it again next year. December is a looong way off!

I actually found it easier this year – mainly because I didn’t have the week before Christmas off, and it was easier for me to get my act together and write when I was already sitting at my desk in work mode. The weekends were a different story and the only times I nearly didn’t make it were weekends.

Overall I had a lot of fun and asking questions also helped me to get to know my readers a bit more to, which was a bonus. There are lots of positive things to write about during December, and although it was quite a lot of work, I enjoyed the experience of doing it again!

I think these things that I’m going to talk about are definitely true for Blogmas, but they also apply to any kind of regular blogging challenge such as Blogtober.

Did you do Blogmas this year? Would you add anything to the list? Do you like it when blogs that you follow take part in regular posting challenges, or does it drive you crazy when you suddenly have more posts in your feed? Let me know in the comments!

So here’s what I learned!

1. Decide before December whether you really want to do it

I wasn’t going to this year, but then one of my readers changed my mind. Some people like to plan more than others, but it does help if you can do a bit of thinking and preparing before you start.

2. Plan out your ideas

Following on from point 1, I’d already decided that I didn’t want to repeat any of the posts, which that meant that I had to come up with around 24 new ideas. Could I do that? I needed to know before I committed to Blogmas.

I didn’t write any of my posts in advance. That’s not to judge anyone who did, but I wanted it to feel fresh as I was writing it. But I did have my spreadsheet with the ideas all mapped out, which meant that on the day I just had to get the text written and posted.

3. Reciprocate – it’s about the community!

It’s obvious that most bloggers are going to have less time around Christmas, but if you want people to take the time to read your posts and engage, it’s nice to do the same. Ok, you won’t always have something meaningful to say and I don’t like leaving comments that just say “great post” because they don’t really convey more than a like would.

Sometimes it just feels as though people get so caught up in the act of creating and promoting their own stuff that they forget to engage with other people in the blogging community. This can happen even more when time is at a premium and you’re working to turn around posts quickly and at the same time enjoy yourself before Christmas. So even if you’re doing Blogmas yourself, it’s nice if you can try and find a bit of time to read and comment on other people’s posts as well.

4. It’s hard when you’re not at your desk

I’ve already touched on this. The discipline needed to sit yourself down and write a blog post, when really all you want to do is curl up on the sofa with a good book and mug of hot chocolate is not to be underestimated. My strategy was to try and get it done earlier in the day so that I could relax afterwards, rather than leaving it till I was panicking at 11 o’clock at night! Obviously that doesn’t work if you have plans to be out all day, but you can look at what days each date will fall on, and if you know you’re going to have less time, plan something for that day that won’t take as long to write.

5. Eliminate the one thing that will do your head in!

This is going to be different for everyone, but have a think about it – what is the one thing that is likely to derail your attempt to complete the challenge? Is there one thing that you can say up front that you’re not going to do?

For me, as a blind blogger, it was the photos. I can’t take my own photos. I can’t see the quality of, or even what’s on stock photos. Stressing out about getting photos for daily blog posts would make me want to give up before I even started. So I didn’t.

I got help with photos of specific things like stroking the reindeer or the cheese advent calendar, but if I wanted to write a post about looking after your hair in winter and didn’t have an image for it, so be it. I’m not going to have my life ruled by the expectation that every post needs 20 photos before people will look twice at it.

This is my space on the internet. If people like what I do, they’ll come back.

For you it might be something else. Maybe you hate writing long posts and that’s stopping you from signing up to something like Blogmas. Ok, then write short ones and make this part of how you do Blogmas.

Do you hate writing gift guides? Don’t do any then! There are plenty of other things you can do.

IF 24 days will be too many, start with 12! Or do 24 days about something you enjoy, rather than something that everyone else is doing.

Or don’t do a challenge like this at all – I’m not saying you have to. I’m just saying that the way everyone else does it doesn’t mean it’s the right and only way. It makes me sad to see people wanting to be a part of something, but then not doing it because they can’t do it in quite the same way as everyone else.

6. Answer your comments

It’s only polite. If someone has taken the time to leave you a comment, and by that I don’t mean the spammy “Love your post now come and look at mine” ones, it’s not good to ignore them. Carry on the conversation if you can, and if there’s nothing to say, at least acknowledge it with a like or a thank you.

I admit I was a few days late with mine, but I do always try to come back to them.

7. Make the content feel like yours, not just a list of generic prompts

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using prompts if you’re stuck for ideas, but there are only so many posts that you can read on the same topic before it gets a bit boring. Unless, that is, someone did something a bit unusual to make their post stand out. Maybe they told a story. Maybe instead of a generic gift guide, they did one for someone with a specific hobby. Maybe some of the posts could be tied in to what the blog is about the rest of the year, but still have a wintry twist.

I don’t know. It’s different for everyone, but when people’s feeds are inundated with posts, you need to be a bit creative if you want to get people’s attention.

8. Send out some emails before December

You don’t have to do this, but if you can think of a couple of brands or charities that you’d like to work with, or another blogger who you’d like to ask about a guest post, why not see if the idea has a chance before December. Then, if they don’t get back to you, you know that you need to fill the space with something else. Or, one thing may lead to another. Originally I contacted Dogs Trust about interviewing a volunteer, but we were also invited to visit the rehoming centre, which meant that one idea generated enough content for two posts.

Many people are planning events way before December, so if you want to find out what’s on, it’s also good to plan in advance so you don’t miss anything that you’d like to have gone to.

9. Find other people who are doing it

It’s nice if you can read what other people are doing and encourage each other along the way!

10. Don’t forget to share

It’s like blogging the rest of the year. You’ll hopefully build up a following of loyal readers and sometimes they’ll share your posts. Sometimes people will magically find you via the blog reader. But most of the time, people won’t know your posts are out there unless someone tells them – so don’t forget to take the few minute to post or schedule on social media so that more people find out about your posts.

Let me know if there are any other tips that you would add!

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10 thoughts on “Blogger tips – 10 things I learned from doing Blogmas”

  1. Although I knew I wouldn’t have time to commit to blogmas this year (last year!), the idea of posting daily for 24 days was pretty terrifying anyway so I am full of admiration for those of you who took on the challenge! I thought your tips were really useful – particularly about contacting a charity (or other) well in advance to do a profile or story. Not something I had ever even contemplated before but food for thought for the future. Happy New year!

    1. Thank you 🙂

      I hadn’t thought about it either the first time, but I then thought most charities have some kind of festive event, and I was really trying to break out of the mould of the more general type of Christmas posts.

  2. I really enjoyed your blogmas posts because you made them so personally relevant to you, interesting and added such interactive, engaging questions too. I didn’t think I’d ever do a blogging challenge, but after yours and reading your tips, it’s made me reconsider. I actually like the idea of planning and being more organised with posts.

    I liked the point about ‘eliminating the one thing that will do your head in’! For me, it’d probably be doing different cover images with text each day, so I’d say keep it simple and use the same, just change the title. I can see why photos would be incredibly frustrating for you and time consuming, but you’re right, your life shouldn’t be ruled by the expectation that a post needs lots of pics because it doesn’t, at all.

    I think you’ve made a great point about doing what ‘you’ want to do as an individual, rather than what you feel you should do or what is typically done. There aren’t set rules, we can make our own 🙂

    Caz xxxx

    1. Yes I think we can get so bogged down in the rules that the blogging world makes and expects people to follow – and sometimes that’s the very thing that stifles people’s creativity. Good luck if you decide to do a challenge! Your blog, your rules 🙂
      Thanks and have a lovely evening XX

  3. It’s not only great to hear you accomplished Blogmas, but that you enjoyed it! And your advice is great; a couple of years ago I attempted a month long blog challenge, and I really wasn’t prepared for how much work it takes to participate – not just in writing so many posts but interacting with other bloggers who are taking part. Maybe I’ll be ready to participate in Blogmas 2019. 😉

  4. I haven’t done a Blogmas yet and I’m not sure I actually would, given the commitment required at what is a very busy time of the year. I tend to slow down and not blog as much, curtail the use of social media due to being with family and being away from home so it probably wouldn’t work too well. I enjoyed your tips on how to get through it though and think they all make complete sense! I did participate in a daily Instagram countdown to Christmas this year which is probably the closest I’d ever get, it was fun and actually gave me another focus each day. Visiting from SIPB facebook group.

    1. Thanks for stopping by.

      I’m certainly glad that Blogmas finished on 24th, because I know I certainly wouldn’t have carried on past Christmas Eve.

      I don’t use Instagram because I can’t see pictures, but I can imagine it was a nice thing to do and less pressure than a blog post every day.

  5. These are amazing and great tips. It definitely takes courage to take on blogmas.

    This is something I definitely haven’t thought of. The thought of it is like treading in deep waters. Scary? The expectations seem really high.

    As of now I’m still trying to figure out my blogging schedule and setting realistic goals that my schedule can take. Baby steps 😊

    But this was definitely an inspiration😊

    1. Thank you 🙂

      If you were thinking of giving it a go, some people start with 12 days, which makes it more manageable than 24. It’s certainly not something I could have kept up!

      I think it’s tough with our own expectations. In terms of reader expectations, you can manage them to some extent by explaining how Blogmas will work on your particular blog.

      Good luck if you decide to do a challenge, but the main thing is it should be fun, not stress.

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