We got engaged!

I knew about the picnic. I knew we were going to Watership Down for a walk. It had been in the diary for a while. What I didn’t know was that S was planning to propose to me there!

Last Saturday morning started like any other, apart from the fact that S disappeared to the shops in the morning. Not that unusual really, but normally we would have gone on route. I didn’t think any more of it though.

The night before we’d been out for dinner to celebrate our 4.5 year anniversary. Ok it’s not common to celebrate half years, but when you start dating on the shortest day of the year, it makes sense to celebrate on the longest one as well! Easy anniversary to remember!

Anyway we set out in the car and drove to Watership Down. I haven’t seen the series on Netflix, but I did read the book, both as a child and an adult, and was looking forward to see whether we could spot any rabbits up there!

We walked for a while until we came to a nice spot at the top of the hill, far away from all other people and sounds of traffic. This would be a good place to have our picnic.

I was a little surprised that S wanted to go for a walk – that’s usually something I would suggest – but I thought he just wanted to do something nice for me. And after all, if you’re going for a picnic, nobody wants to have it in the car park or on the side of the road.

As I was sorting out the picnic blanket, S stopped me and said we’d had a stow-away. I was thinking maybe something grim that was attached to the blanket in the bag – a slug perhaps? A snail? But no! It was a cuddly owlbear (a creature from dungeons and dragons with the head of an owl and the body of a bear).

It was designed to be a dice holder, but this particular owlbear was bearing a note that S had hand-written in Braille. Actually the owlbear was going to deliver the ring too, but the box was too big to fit in his zip-up tummy where normally the dice would go, so the next thing was that S handed me the ring and asked me to marry him! I said “yes!!!”

Actually I didn’t say very much for a while – for once I was lost for words – but at least I got the main answer right and said yes!

He had been planning this for a while. It had taken time to find my ring, which is tactile and in the shape of an owl sitting on a branch. The stone is the main part of his body, and you can also feel his face and ears. Perfect for an owl-lover and I also love the tactile design.

I also love all the thought that went into it – finding somewhere in the middle of nature to do it, because he knew I would like that. Writing the note in Braille, although he doesn’t actually know Braille and had to look up how to do it on the internet. Finding my owl ring.

We did then have our picnic, although to be honest I was more excited than hungry!! The sun was shining and it was a lovely day for a picnic – so of course we had to at least eat the Colin caterpillars before they melted!

It was then time to tell the families! We sent a picture of my hand wearing the ring and the view of Watership Down. My mum understood the significance – other people took a bit longer!

So – I left my boyfriend on Watership Down and came back with my fiancé! The very next day I started my wedding planning spreadsheet – it’s quite impressive and already has over 10 sheets, partially filled out, and ready for new ideas as I get them! It’s not going to be a big wedding, but I love a good project to organise!

Planning the wedding

I’m not going to document everything here, at least not in advance, but I am planning a new wedding section on the blog to talk about the experience of planning everything, and the big day itself.

It’s different for everyone. I know as a blind bride-to-be I’ll have some extra considerations that other people don’t. A lot of the advertising in this area is very much image based, so I’ll need good descriptions. I will need help with some things, particularly around colours, but I have very definite ideas about others!

So from time to time I plan to share parts of the journey here on the blog.

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11 thoughts on “We got engaged!”

  1. Oh my gosh, that is so exciting!! Congratulations!! He did such a great job – and the ring so beautiful!! Really fantastic – Congrats!!

  2. Oh my goodness, Kirsty! That’s amazing, a huge congratulations to you both! That is such a sweet way to propose, with the owl bearer and a hand-written Braille note under the guise of a peaceful walk and picnic. You and S, both being compassionate and thoughtful, make one hell of a team. I am SO happy for you, you deserve all the happiness in the world and this is the best news!  ♥
    Caz xxxx

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