Unseen Beauty – 2020 survey

This year I’d like to try something new and find out a bit more about what my readers think. This includes what you’re enjoying, which content you find most useful, and what you’d like to see more of. So, if you have a few minutes, I’d be happy if you could fill out this quick survey!

Ultimately it’s a two-way thing. Some of my most popular posts fit into the same general category, but I would get bored writing that content all the time and soon fall out of love with blogging. Still, having an idea of what my readers enjoy will help me to decide on what content I’ll be producing this year and what won’t be coming with us into the rest of 2020.

The feedback is only sent to me. Name and email are optional if you want me to know that it was you or to discuss any ideas for future content.

1. How did you find out about my blog?

2. Which content do you find most enjoyable/useful on Unseen Beauty or what would you like to see more of? Tick all that apply.

3. How do you keep up with new posts on the blog?

4.Which of these ways to contact Kirsty would you use if you wanted to comment on something or suggest an idea for a post? Tick all that apply.

5. I’m interested to know a bit more about where my readers are. What country are you in?

6. If you could suggest the title for my next post, what would it be?

7. Do you have any other comments about the blog in general, or the kind of content that you would like to see on Unseen Beauty in 2020?

8.Are you interested in blog giveaways?

9. If you’d like to sign up for the newsletter, you’d like me to know who you are, or for me to reply to any of your comments, leave me your contact details so that I can get in touch.

Thank you for filling out my survey!

Author: englishwithkirsty

I have two blogs. Unseen Beauty is my personal blog. English with Kirsty is my business blog for people who are interested in languages or learning English.

9 thoughts on “Unseen Beauty – 2020 survey”

  1. Done – sorry my answers may not be of much use, I can’t remember how we first discovered one another in the blogging world & I love all your content so I can’t pick favourites πŸ˜‚

  2. It would be interesting to see the responses that you get from the survey, if only in percentages of the results, as it would be interesting in seeing where the other bloggers are located and what their preferences are 😁

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