Is my blogging schedule going to change?

I’ve seen the discussion in several places now – on Twitter, YouTube, and people’s blogs.

What do we do now in this time of uncertainty, change, and constant references to the C word?

I’m not here to tell other people what to do. I know some people want their blog to be a place where they can get away from everything that’s happening in the world for a couple of hours, and who has the right to stop them?

On the other hand, the changes are very real. People have fears, questions, and a need to talk through all the emotions or anxieties they are going through. Sometimes it’s just good to let those thoughts out rather than trying to hold them in, or to open up a safe space on the internet for other people to do the same.

If you do post about the coronavirus, some people will switch off because they don’t want to hear any more about it. If you avoid it and put out your normal content, others will think you don’t care. You can’t please everyone!

In terms of my blogs, I’ve decided to do a bit of both. So there might be more posts like my one from last week on how it brings out the best and worst in us because I do write about current events and opinion pieces were one of the most highly ranked in the recent Unseen Beauty survey. That surprised me a bit, but it’s good to know.

Particularly on my business blogs, I’ll still be putting out educational content, because now more than ever, due to social restrictions, many of us have a bit more time on our hands, and some people are wanting to use that time for learning.

I also want to keep putting out my other content though. Sure, there will be less travel content because I’m not going anywhere. Thanks to a suggestion I got this week, I’ll be creating some content about working from home. I’ve been doing that full-time for the last eight years, so I have a few things to say on the subject and some of the tips might help people who suddenly find themselves needing to work remotely. But I also want to keep up with my other posts that I was planning to write anyway, because sometimes it’s just nice to have a break from current events and talk about dogs or a good book!

For those of you who are content creators – are you going to do anything different over the coming weeks?

For my readers – I asked about topics that you’d like to see on this blog when I did my survey, but if you have any extra ideas, let me know in the comments. What kind of things are you reading more of at the moment? Books? Blogs? Newspaper articles? Online courses?

And to everyone – please be kind, be responsible, and do what you can to keep yourselves and those around you safe.

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Author: englishwithkirsty

I have two blogs. Unseen Beauty is my personal blog. English with Kirsty is my business blog for people who are interested in languages or learning English.

2 thoughts on “Is my blogging schedule going to change?”

  1. This seems like a great happy medium between posting and not posting about the coronavirus. I’ve been having the same debate with my blog, mostly because I don’t want to add more false information on COVID-19 when there is plenty to go round.

    1. I think you probably know more about it than a lot of people who are writing, but at the same time I understand why you might want to avoid the topic. There’s so much out there and I think that some people are just disregarding all of it, because it’s too much effort to sift out what’s useful. That scares me.

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