September – sunflowers and shielding birthday

Sunflowers in a vase

September – sunflowers and shielding birthday

I was debating whether to write this post at all. Our household is still shielding, so I don’t have posts about the places we went or the things we did on our week off.

But the thing is, even though many people around us are going out and doing all the things, which is allowed now as we’re not under local lockdown, There are plenty of us who aren’t. It feels like we’re kind of under the radar now we’re in the minority, but we still have something to say. We’re still learning things, making connections, and enjoying the good things – even if that doesn’t involve going out, meeting up with people in person, and doing all the things we may have taken for granted before.

We’re still here. If you look in the right places, you can find that there are more of us. Doing that actually did me good, as did having a spring-clean of my feeds to remove people who think that the virus isn’t real, who believe their individual rights to do what they want are more important than helping to keep others safe, or who want to try and convince us that making informed choices about staying safe is just succumbing to fear and oppression.

I don’t want echo chambers, but neither do I want to see people promoting illegal gatherings, encouraging others to ignore measures to stop the spread of the virus, or behaving as though the lives of anyone who is not “fit and healthy” don’t matter. That’s offensive.

My not writing as often because we’re not going out and about this year just pushes us under the radar even more. So here’s my good things in September post!

The beginning of Autumn

I love Autumn. You won’t see me crying that Summer is over! I love it when the air is cold and fresh in the morning and you can get out the snuggly, fluffy things. I love the crisp leaves and the idea of new beginnings, that began as a child with the new school year, but has somehow followed mi into adulthood too. Ok, September is also my birthday month, so that’s a reason to like it, even if this year was a bit different.

There are still places to go where you can enjoy the nature – as far away from other people as possible, because sadly some people don’t understand about social distancing, or respect others who are clearly choosing to do it.

The birds don’t know what’s going on in the human world. They just carry on as they had before – in fact, studies have shown that some are singing more interesting songs now that they don’t have to compete with as much traffic noise.


I know some people have had real problems with online grocery deliveries, especially during lockdown times. But Ocado has served us well. In September, they stopped selling Waitrose products, but at the same time started stocking M&S goods, which has been really good. I never shopped there before because they didn’t deliver. There are new foods to try, and I also ventured down the beauty and skincare isle!

And then of course there are Percy pigs and Colin the caterpillar!

I made the dangerous discovery that the Boots app works quite well with VoiceOver, and I prefer it to the web version with my screenreader. I may have got a little carried away, but fortunately I had the generous treat of some birthday money too! I stocked up on a few essentials, bought some new skincare to try, and treated myself to some makeup, including a Fenty cream highlighter, and some liquid eye shadows from Pixi and Too Faced.

The Body Shop brought back their vanilla pumpkin range, which I discovered last year that I actually liked! Usually I avoid everything with vanilla because it’s too sweet, but I like this fragrance and have already used up the hand cream! I still have a body butter and a shower gel on the go! I would link them, but they’ve sold out all ready. I’ll have another post soon about the Christmas ranges though.


It was an interesting month at work because I pushed my boundaries and did a couple of new things. I was asked to speak about accessibility at a virtual meeting for local business owners, and I did a live interview on YouTube about my online English lessons for adults. The latter was new for me – the public speaking part of it wasn’t as scary as the fact that I didn’t know how many of the host’s rather large following would be there or watch later.

I’m really glad I did it though and it reminded me how sometimes it’s good to do things that make you feel a bit nervous or uncomfortable, because these things can help us to grow.

I also held my first paid webinar about helping businesses to make their Facebook posts more accessible to visually impaired customers. I hadn’t thought of doing one-off events like that, but I went with the suggestion and it worked out well, so I’m thinking about other topics for the future.

Week off and birthday

I didn’t tell many people about our week off because I didn’t want to answer the “where are you going” question for the millionth time. We had a week off at home. We didn’t do any work. We spent time together, cooked, read books, had time for hobbies, relaxed and recharged.

Yes, I see people doing things that we would like to do, but each household has to do their own risk assessment. Sometimes just enjoying what you have and what’s going well is a choice, and I have a lot to be grateful for.

I chose to enjoy our time off and my shielding birthday, which involved flowers (sunflowers are my favourite), a home-cooked meal, messages from friends and family, presents, and chocolate cake!

How was September for you?

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4 thoughts on “September – sunflowers and shielding birthday”

  1. I’ve been getting too angry with the people “who believe their individual rights to do what they want are more important than helping to keep others safe”. Removing them from your feeds is a good idea, as is turning off comments by those who say the virus isn’t real or that ‘oh it’s only 96 each day, that’s not that many people compared to the population’ as though each life didn’t mean anything.

    I’ve still not tried any Percy Pigs. Am I missing out? I feel like I’ve never lived! I’ll have to rectify this one day soon. I did spot on the website that they’ve got this Percy Pig themed range for Christmas out already. I can imagine those being popular.

    As for work, I think you should be really proud for pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

    The sunflowers are beautiful! I’m glad you still had a nice week off at home and for your birthday enjoying the simple joys. What the lockdown has really shown me is how reliant on external gratification so many are. Happiness isn’t found in the cinema or coffee shop or pub. You don’t have to be travelling or doing fun stuff with friends all the time. Those things are all great, but they don’t outweigh keeping the country and the world as we know it safe. I’m on the same page as you. xxxx

    1. It’s good to find people on the same page. We may not be the ones that shout the loudest, but we’re definitely here!

      I moderate all comments, so nothing gets published without my approval. I don’t mind an interesting discussion, but my sites are not going to be used by people who want to spread misinformation or just don’t give a **** about anyone else.

      I found out that one of my former colleagues died of the virus a couple of weeks ago. These aren’t just numbers that we see each day. Each one is a person – a life – someone who is no longer here and who has probably left behind family, friends etc. Some people’s heartless behaviour is very disappointing.

      Yes, it’s sad when people can’t find joy in the small things. They are really missing out.

      And definitely – if you get a chance, get yourself some Percy pigs! I haven’t tried any of the Christmas range yet, though I am interested in the Percy pies – a new take on mince pies without the traditional filling.

      Have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by 🙂

      1. I second this 🙂
        and loved this post.
        AH, I wish I could take a weak off like you, all this school and stuff is really pissing me off because I’m missing getting lost in a book with so much sylabus and attempts to score well 🙂 this is my last year in school before I move to college/uni so I’m really lookking forward for it to end soon. 🙂
        I’m also on the same page as you, still in my house and rarely go out.

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