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I enjoy hearing from my readers!

If you’d like to get in touch with me, please use my contact form or send me an email. For PR enquiries, a postal address is available on request.


If you think that Unseen Beauty would be a good fit for your products, you’re welcome to get in touch to discuss a collaboration. I mainly write about skincare, make-up, food, jewellery, and travel – but I’m open to ideas, so feel free to get in touch if you’d like to discuss working together.

I also offer 60-minute paid consultation sessions for brands who want to make their products and/or services more accessible to blind people. I can’t and won’t claim to speak for the tastes of such a varied section of the community, but I can give you my honest opinion, as well as feedback about whether your site provides an accessible and user-friendly interface for someone using a screenreader.

I have a factsheet for brands about how to make your advertising more accessible to blind people –Get in touch if you’re interested in this and I’ll send you a copy.

I do not post or link to infographics as these are by nature inaccessible to me and any other readers who use screenreading software. Asking me to post an infographic is like asking me to publish a post in a language that I, and some of my readers, don’t speak. I’m not prepared to do that.


I enjoy getting to know other bloggers and I am open to collaborations such as writing and receiving guest posts, contributing to blog round-ups, and box swaps.

However, I’m only interested in real people with something interesting to say. If you have an idea about how we could work together, by all means let me know your specific idea, and which area of the site you envisage it going under (see the index page). If you have a blog or website, please remember to add the link.

Hopefully this will weed out some of those ghastly cut and paste templates that promise “high quality content on a topic related to your blog”. That just conveys the idea that the person who sent it couldn’t be bothered to find out what the blog was about and just sent the same bland template to a bunch of bloggers. Writing a sloppy, half-hearted pitch like that gives the idea that you don’t take pride in your work, and I want to keep the content on my site fresh and unique – which means we would not work well together!

Having said that, I don’t want genuine people to be put off! So if you have an original idea for a collaboration, let me know and I’d be happy to chat about it!

Blind adults, teenagers, or parents of blind children

This blog is not primarily about blindness – partly because writing about the same topic all the time would bore me, and partly because there’s so much more to me than this one aspect of life. Still, I do sometimes write posts about how I do things, tips about good resources for blind people, advice, or comments on disability-related topics. If you have a question or an idea for a post, please let me know.

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