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I know that some people have come to this blog for specific types of posts, and you don’t necessarily want to scroll all the way down to find what you’re looking for. So here’s a list of the posts, sorted by category. The newest posts are at the top of each category.


  1. Meeting owls from Hilltop Birds of Prey
  2. Donkey Week
  3. How to help dogs and other animals around bonfire night
  4. Holly’s story – from a puppy farm to a fur-ever home
  5. Cindy – my golden guiding girl
  6. Visit to the owl centre
  7. Walking with wolves
  8. Discover dogs event in London

Blogging and communication

  1. Don’t be annoying – 15 things I wish people would stop doing on social media
  2. I was interviewed on Em’s World for her Blogger Love series
  3. Can a blog have too many sponsored posts?
  4. I was interviewed on the Wheel Escapades blog
  5. 20 things you shouldn’t do to win an argument
  6. Being female and the face of your business can lead to unwanted attention – don’t suffer in silence
  7. My second book
  8. Blogger of the Month – Kathleen from The good, the fab, and the lovely
  9. Blog of the month – Kerry Life and Loves
  10. Spring giveaway winner
  11. Blog of the month – the Emma Edit
  12. Spring giveaway
  13. Interview with Sazzy and Joanie from the Cozy Den
  14. Interview with Janelle from TheNellyBean
  15. Would you read your own blog?
  16. Happy 1st birthday to Unseen Beauty
  17. Best posts of 2017 and plans for 2018
  18. Things are changing on Unseen Beauty
  19. 13 mistakes to avoid when pitching ideas
  20. Guest post – finding your blogging voice
  21. Interview on the Beeefree blog


  1. March 18 books
  2. February 2018 books
  3. Jan 18 books
  4. Anne Frank’s house
  5. Jane Austen’s house
  6. 10 things I love about audio books and how you can get a free book from Audible

Dungeons and dragons

  1. Making the character sheet
  2. Making dungeons and dragons accessible to blind people
  3. Why I backed the Critical Role campaign – blind fan to find out how the characters look
  4. Empties

    1. July 2018 empties
    2. June 18 empties
    3. May 18 empties
    4. April 18 empties
    5. Mar 18 empties
    6. Feb 18 empties
    7. Jan 18 empties
    8. Dec 17 empties
    9. Nov 17 empties
    10. Oct 17 empties
    11. September 17 empties
    12. August 17 empties
    13. Jul 17 empties
    14. June 17 empties
    15. May 17 empties
    16. April 17 empties
    17. March 17 empties
    18. February 17 empties
    19. Jan 17 empties


    1. Aug 18 favourites
    2. 10 things that I enjoyed in July
    3. June 2018 favourites
    4. May 18 favourites
    5. April 18 favourites
    6. Mar 18 favourites
    7. Feb 18 favourites
    8. Jan 18 favourites
    9. Dec 17 favourites
    10. Nov 17 favourites
    11. October 17 favourites
    12. September 2017 favourites
    13. Aug 17 favourites
    14. Jul 17 favourites
    15. June 17 favourites
    16. May 17 favourites
    17. April 17 favourites
    18. March 17 favourites
    19. February 17 favourites
    20. Jan 17 favourites

    Food and drink

    1. Cadbury World and Cadbury gifts direct
    2. Hotel Chocolat review
    3. Easter treats with Abel and Cole
    4. International hot and spicy food day
    5. We tried out an organic fruit and vegetable subscription <
    6. Trying Japanese sweets
    7. Teapigs new feel-good range
    8. Chocolate tasting – Germany and Sweden
    9. Spice box subscription review
    10. Cheese tasting in Amsterdam

    Health and fitness

    1. How I keep fit as someone who is blind

    Memories and stories

    1. Falling over – what I learned from my recent accident at home
    2. If you really want something – my Granddad learned how to use a computer so that he could help me
    3. The value of online friendships
    4. Grandparents and what they have taught us
    5. Scent collaboration post
    6. I got in the media twice – by accident
    7. Products and reviews

      1. Advent calendars 2018 – what’s caught my eye so far
      2. Latest in Beauty – May 2018
      3. New banana range and Roots of Strength collection from the Body Shop
      4. Bath Box – a subscription box for bath lovers
      5. Lush products
      6. Latest in Beauty subscription April 2018
      7. Products for grapefruit lovers
      8. Shopping without sight – my first Glossybox
      9. > Nip+Fab and Gatineau haul
      10. Blogger swap box with S and J from the Cozy Den
      11. My top 18 products for mango lovers
      12. How many subscriptions do you have?
      13. Ecover – a product review and how I do the washing as someone who can’t see
      14. Postboxed – letterbox-friendly gifts
      15. Latest in Beauty subscription box – June to July 2017
      16. Being by Sanctuary product review
      17. Lovelula subscription box – April to June
      18. Hive Originals – product review
      19. Latest in Beauty review Mar to May 17
      20. 7th Heaven products and Feel Unique
      21. Zoella Beauty and Feel Unique
      22. My favourite Youtubers
      23. Skincare for coffee lovers
      24. Interview with Heidi from the Body Shop at Home
      25. Being kind to hands
      26. Lovelula March 17
      27. Eye cream
      28. Lovelula review, Feb 17
      29. Body shop, almond and honey range review, and online party
      30. Love Me Beauty subscription box Jan 17
      31. Contour cream
      32. High Street Make-up haul
      33. Glossybox Jan 17
      34. Clarisonic Mia 2
      35. December 16 Body Shop haul
      36. What I got for Christmas 2016


      1. Interview with Gracie – the life of a homeschooler
      2. Back to school


      1. Ice bar in Sweden
      2. Skansen nature and history experience in Sweden
      3. Visit to the Tower of London

      TV and film

      1. Rogue One

      Visual impairment

      1. My interview on an intercultural German blog
      2. my horse-riding story
      3. I am tired – the disability truth that nobody is talking about
      4. Online supermarket accessibility
      5. Sensory sensitivities
      6. Weather Gods app – bringing the weather alive with sound
      7. How accessible are hotels to me as a blind guest?
      8. Tactile cards with Braille inside
      9. It’s not me, it’s you!
      10. Disability and personal space
      11. Blindness myths that need to go away
      12. Shopping without sight – Chocolate Emporium
      13. World Braille Day
      14. How to make your blog more accessible for blind readers
      15. Interview with Jane, Rehabilitation Officer for Vision Impairment
      16. How accessible is healthcare for someone who is visually impaired? I share my experiences.
      17. Interviews about being a sighted guide on holidays for visually impaired people
      18. Interview with Brendan Magill on his “seeing ourselves as others see us” workshop
      19. The Co-op puts Braille on some of its products
      20. Interview with Mel from Blind Alive about her fitness workouts for people with a visual impairment
      21. L’Occitane review – Braille labels on products
      22. Applying make-up without sight
      23. Finding accessible materials for language learning
      24. How do you apply eye make-up if you can’t see?


      1. Welcome to Blogmas
      2. How my Nan made Christmas special
      3. Christmas music quiz
      4. Christmas for dog lovers
      5. Blogmas and Vlogmas content that I’m enjoying
      6. What do people from other parts of Europe think about Christmas in the UK?
      7. Christmas disasters
      8. Let it snow!
      9. What do people from the UK think about Christmas in other parts of Europe?
      10. Christmas gifts for coffee lovers
      11. 11 things I love about winter
      12. Christmas jewellery
      13. Winter food
      14. Wintry weather
      15. Office Christmas parties
      16. Howl Night
      17. Best of 2017
      18. Christmas traditions in the UK
      19. Christmas market
      20. December favourites
      21. Reindeer
      22. Winter holiday tag
      23. Beating Christmas stress
      24. Happy Christmas in 23 languages

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