This is where you will find all the books that have been featured on Unseen Beauty. The products that I featured recently are at the top. If a product got a bad review, it won’t be featured in this list.

Product Where can you read about it on my site?
Twirling naked in the streets and noone noticed – growing up with undiagnosed autism (from Ibooks) July 2018 books
Northanger Abbey (from Audible) July 2018 books
Steelheart (from Audible) July 2018 books
Broken Angels (from Audible) July 2018 books
Fated (from Audible) July 2018 books
The peacock Emporium (from Audible) July 2018 books
Around the world in 80 days (from Audible) July 2018 books
The one plus one (from Amazon) July 2018 books
War of the dwarves (from Amazon) Mar 18 books
I’ve got your number (from Amazon) Mar 18 books
Altered carbon (from Audible) Mar 18 books
Night circus (from Amazon) Mar 18 books
Still me (from Amazon) February book reviews
19 minutes (from Amazon) February book reviews
The husband’s secret (from Amazon) February book reviews
Oath of gold (from Amazon) February book reviews
Sheltering rain (from Amazon) February book reviews
Oathbringer (from Amazon) Jan 18 books
Sheepfarmer’s daughter (from iTunes) Jan 18 books
Horse Dancer (from Amazon) Jan 18 books
Divided allegiance (from iTunes) Jan 18 books
The dwarves (from Amazon) Jan 18 books

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