Dogs owls and wolves

This is where you will find all the products to do with owls, wolves and dogs that have been featured on Unseen Beauty. The products that I featured recently are at the top. If a product got a bad review, it won’t be featured in this list.

Product Where can you read about it on my site?
Radley retriever dog purse (from Radley) Dec 17 favourites
wolf hoodie – a direwolf is for life, not just for winter (from Amazon) September 2017 favourites
stirling silver howling wolf pendant (from Amazon) March 2017 favourites
owl pyjamas (from Amazon) Feb 2017 favourites
studded owl top, (from Amazon) Jan 2017 favourites
Jack the black wolf slippers . (from Amazon) Christmas 2016
Wolf fleece (from Amazon). Christmas 2016

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