This is where you will find all the hair products that have been featured on Unseen Beauty. The products that I featured recently are at the top. If a product got a bad review, it won’t be featured in this list.

Product Where can you read about it on my site?
Avon naturals, almond and avocado shampoo (from Amazon)
Avon advanced techniques instant repair mask (from Amazon) May 2017 favourites
Banana conditioner (from the Body Shop) April 2017 favourites
L’Oreal Paris hair expertise nourishing mask (from Amazon) April 2017 empties
Schwarzkopf super soft apple shampoo. (from Amazon) April 2017 empties
Garnier strength restorer balm with honey (from Boots) March 2017 empties
banana shampoo (from the Body Shop) Feb 2017 empties
John Frieda sheer blonde go blonder conditioner (from Amazon) Jan 2017 empties
Avon Magnificent mango crazy hair tamer (2 bottles) (from Amazon) Jan 2017 favourites
Garnier hair mask with avocado and shea butter (from Amazon) Jan 2017 favourites

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