Blogmas day 12 – Christmas jewellery

Today I want to talk about Christmas jewellery! I’m not talking about expensive pieces, just something that brings a bit of Christmas sparkle to any outfit.

I’m not a fan of Christmas jumpers because I’m fussy about what fabrics I will wear – i.e. no wool (I think it goes back to the scratchy school jumpers!) So I like to make things a bit Christmassy with my jewellery.

Last year I found some sparkly owls, but I can’t find them to link now. The only thing I’d say is if you’ll be wearing something all day, try not to go for really heavy earrings as they might start to hurt after a while!

Last year I got myself a Christmas tree necklace from the Ornami collection – it’s not available at the time of writing, but you can see it here.

I also have the snowman necklace from the same range, and the reindeer pendant.

I like this range because yes, it’s Christmassy, but also the pendants are tactile and can be enjoyed by someone who can’t see them too. To be honest, the tree is the most tactile because you can feel the little baubles, but the reindeer and the snowman are good too because you can clearly feel their shapes.

Maybe next year I’ll get the snowflake pendant!

This year I added a couple of pairs of earrings to my collection. We have some Christmas trees – not as nice as the pendant, but they would be ok with something else, and some little snowmen!

At some point I’d like to add these snowmen by Katy Craig because I already have some of her doggy jewellery! Or maybe some Santa hats from the same range?

How about you? Do you have any Christmas jewellery?

Christmas tree in Stockholm

The calendars

So, what was behind your door no. 12?

L’Occitane – today it was time for another little hand cream, which is great, because I’m enjoying trying out their complete range. Previously I’d only tried the shea one. The almond one from today is nice and it goes with my almond soap from the calendar, which is out in the bathroom at the moment.

M&S – today we got a generous 50ml of Alpha H liquid gold rose. It’s an evening exfoliating and moisturising toner. Anyone who has been following my blog will know that I’m all about the chemical rather than scrubby exfoliants, so I’m looking forward to giving this one a go!

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Blogmas day 8 – let it snow!

So, you see it on a lot of the Christmas card images and it’s featured in Christmas songs. Even though we don’t get it every year, it feels like part of Christmas!

What is it? Snow!

When the first flakes fall, there’s a flurry of activity on Facebook – people posting pictures of it and saying how much they enjoy it. Then you get one or two people who can’t understand the excitement and wish that it would just go away.

I have to say I’m in the first group. I love the stuff, but that’s probably something to do with the fact that I work from home now and don’t have to stand out on a cold train platform trying to find a train that will actually take me home amongst all the delays and cancellations.

How do you feel when it starts to snow? Do you join in the excitement and stare out of the window, or do you think of all the problems you’ll have because of it?

We don’t get so much here in the south of England, although I can think of at least two years since I’ve been living here that we had enough for me to build a huge snow dog on the table outside! Of course there was the story from yesterday when I got locked out in the snow, and there was a very snowy Christmas day when I was lucky to get a taxi home from my friend’s house. I understand that some people who don’t want to celebrate Christmas are happy to work on Christmas Day, but was particularly grateful to that taxi driver for being out in those horrible icy conditions.

My family moved to Yorkshire when I was 7, and we had a lot more snow there. The children waited for the first snowflakes and hoped that the school would close so that they could go home and play out in it. We built a huge snow lady one year (why should it always be a man?!) and my grandparents took a picture of our dog standing with her paws on its shoulders as though they were dancing together.

We don’t get as much as other European countries, but a little snow, and I’m talking a couple of cm, can bring the whole country to a stand-still because we’re just not used to it. I’ve seen people laughing about it on German TV, so I know our European neighbours must think we’re a bit inept – the problem is that we don’t have snow all the time, just a few days each winter, so we don’t invest in the infrastructure to deal with it. The main roads are gritted, but many of the smaller ones aren’t.

Whenever I could, I used to try to work from home on snowy days because walking with a guide dog in the snow has its own set of challenges. It’s maybe different in countries where there is a lot of snow and the dogs can train in it. Dogs are trained to stop at the kerb, but that’s not easy when they can’t see the kerb because it’s under the snow. And my dog didn’t understand why I didn’t want to do our usual power-walk to the station – after all, she had four legs and was better at staying upright! I love going for walks with friends in the snow, but it does dampen the sound, which makes things sound different if you’re relying on your sense of hearing to help you get around.

So, will you be happy if there’s a white Christmas this year? What do you like to do when it snows?

Christmas tree in Stockholm

The calendars

What did you find behind door no. 8?

L’Occitane – this is one of my favourite products from L’Occitane – it’s the comforting cream! It’s such a lovely face moisturiser. It’s light and it absorbs quickly, but it also provides a good amount of moisture and I really enjoyed using the full-size one I had earlier in the year. I was very happy to get some more.

M&S: Eyeko black magic mascara. I’ve never tried anything from this brand, so that’s cool, and neither have I tried a mascara in a tube! It’s always a bit weird when I try a mascara for the first time because I can’t see the brush and have to get used to a new length and shape each time. I do like this product – it goes on well and there is no clumping – but I’m fussy about brushes and I don’t like the curved ones. I would use this as a spare, but I wouldn’t buy this brand unless I found one without a curved brush.

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Blogmas day 3 – Christmas music quiz

How many of these Christmas songs and Carrols do you know?

Welcome to Blogmas day 3 – and the music quiz! Below are lines from Christmas songs. Some are popular music, others are more traditional songs and Carrols. How many can you identify?You can find the answers here!

1. Sleep in heavenly peace

2. next year all our troubles will be out of sight

3. Field and fountain, moor and mountain,
Following yonder star.

4. Were they surprised when before their eyes
He came to life that day

5. Then one foggy Christmas Eve

6. it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you

7. O what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.

8. Dancing and prancing in Jingle Bell Square

9. The weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful

10. He’s gonna find out
who’s naughty or nice.

11. I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree

12. The cattle are lowing, the baby awakes,

13. When the snowman brings the snow, when the snowman brings the snow

14. In the meadow we can build a snowman

15. I keep my distance but you still catch my eye

16. Next year I could be just as good if you check out my Christmas list

17. In fields as they lay, keeping their sheep,
On a cold winter’s night that was so deep.

18. Where the treetops glisten and children listen

19. 4 calling birds, 3 French hens, 2 turtledoves

20. Got to keep on plodding onwards with your precious load

Christmas tree in Stockholm

The calendars

This is what was behind my calendar doors today – don’t forget to let me know about yours if you’ have an advent calendar too!

L’Occitane – today I got an almond soap. We don’t use bar soaps a lot in this house, but these products always smell great and it’ll be fine for downstairs or for popping in my travel bag. I don’t love it as much as the other products so far, but it’s still a nice product, and a decent size at 50g.

M&S: Nuxe Prodigieux Shower Oil. I think the best part about this calendar is all the new brands that I’m getting to try! I haven’t had this before either. I’ve found some shower oils to be very greasy, but I haven’t tried this brand, so I’m happy to give it a go!

Question for the day

So today I’d like to know – which is your favourite Quality Street flavour? Mine were the coffee creams, but they don’t do them any more *cry*! I also like the strawberry and orange creams! Writing this is making me want quality streets now! How about you?

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